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Create it REAL unveils its standalone REALvision Pro 3D printing software

Danish R&D company Create it REAL, has released the REALvision Pro as a standalone desktop version of its 3D printing software. 

The software is available in three packages: Basic, Professional, and Enterprise packages. With REALvision Pro, users can enhance their 3D printing process and make better prints, claims the company. Simultaneously, users gain access to advanced 3D printing consultancy with the company’s team of 3D printing experts.

“At the time there was no software, and I knew this was going to be big and wanted to create the right architecture to develop a 3D printing technology platform. We focus on making state-of-the-art 3D printing accessible for all types of users and not adding too much complexity,” said Jeremie Gay, Founder, and CTO of Create it REAL.

REALvision Pro user interface. Image via Create it REAL.
REALvision Pro user interface. Image via Create it REAL.

Features of REALvision Pro software

Create it REAL believes that the 3D printing industry is expanding rapidly. As a result, it devised a user-driven strategy for keeping the REALvision Pro software “up to date and alive” through frequent updates. The company claims that it entered the industry with its REALvision Pro slicer software in order to build a closer relationship with its clients and end users.

REALvision Pro claims to offer companies with 3D printing know-how and advice to bring their products to the desired level of quality. REALvision Pro is available in three packages: software support, process consulting, custom development, and a dedicated 3D expert team.

“At Create it REAL I instantly realized that we have a very talented team who knows 3D printing from the inside out. They are not only writing codes but constantly testing material, print settings, and experimenting. This is the expertise that REALvision Pro customers can access without risking their problems being posted in an online forum,” said Jacob Mølbach Nissen CEO of Create it REAL.

A user named Jimmi Rohdin gave the following feedback, “After trying your slicer, I have to admit that I have never gotten a better printout of my printer after very small adjustments. It’s amazing how my 200 EUR 5-year-old printer prints at a high level with a brand new Ultimaker. The program is easy to see which settings I want to adjust.” 

Jacob Nissen, CEO of Create it REAL. Image via Create it REAL.
Jacob Nissen, CEO of Create it REAL. Image via Create it REAL.

3D printing slicing software

Recently, Mango 3D, a developer of 3D printing software, released an update to its Lychee print preparation program that makes it compatible with Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF). Lychee, which was previously a resin 3D printing slicer, now allows users to prepare files for production with both this technology and FFF on the same platform. Mango 3D’s expanded software, which was released as a public beta, witnesses it go shoulder-shoulder with Prusa and Ultimaker, the manufacturers of the PrusaSlicer and Cura slicers, respectively.

Previously, Chinese software company Helio Additive announced plans to launch a novel program to assist makers worldwide in increasing part throughput and consistency. Helio Additive’s software relies on a physics-based AI engine that adapts the way parts prone to warping are sliced, reducing the likelihood to develop nonconformities during printing that render them unfit for purpose. By doing so, the company claims that its technology allows users to prevent print failures, attain a cost-per-part ratio up to ten times higher, and ultimately “supercharge” their entire 3D printing workflow.

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Feature image shows REALvision Pro user interface. Image via Create it REAL.