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Creality launches CR-Laser Falcon engraver and cutter – technical specifications and pricing

Desktop 3D printer manufacturer Creality has launched a new laser cutting and engraving system, the CR-Laser Falcon.

Based on the firm’s previously launched laser engraving module for use with the Ender-3 S1, the new and improved CR-Laser Falcon offers a work area measuring 400 x 415mm, a laser precision of 0.1mm, and engraving speeds of up to 10,000mm/min.

Creality has aimed its laser engraving system at prosumers and DIY enthusiasts, although at $349 it’s accessible to just about anyone looking to address their custom laser engraving and cutting needs.

The CR-Laser Falcon engraver and cutter. Photo via Creality.
The CR-Laser Falcon engraver and cutter. Photo via Creality.

Desktop 3D printing with Creality

Based in Shenzhen, China’s very own tech hub, Creality has spent the past eight years establishing itself as a key player in the desktop 3D printing market. Although it dabbles in laser engraving and 3D scanning technologies, the backbone of the firm’s business is its portfolio of FFF machines, including the CR-6 SE, CR-30, and Ender-7.

Released more recently, the company also has its own lineup of fully-enclosed 3D printers such as the Sermoon V1, CR-5 Pro High-Temp Version, Sermoon D1, and more.

It’s also worth mentioning Creality’s more niche resin-based 3D printer product line, which now comprises the HALOT-ONE, HALOT-SKY, HALOT-LITE, and more.

Cutting wood with the CR-Laser Falcon. Photo via Creality.
Cutting wood with the CR-Laser Falcon. Photo via Creality.

The CR-Laser Falcon

Defined by its robustness, the CR-Laser Falcon features a modular (but easy to assemble) aluminum frame, silicone footpads, and an 8mm steel rail to guarantee smooth and precise movements. It comes complete with a built-in leveler to ensure flat surfaces at all times, as well as an LED to indicate machine status. With a focus on usability, all of the system’s operations are carried out with just one button on the front.

The CR-Laser Falcon features what Creality refers to as ‘poly-lens spot compression laser technology’, which enables a tiny spot size of just 0.12 x 0.06mm and speed improvements of six times when compared to the company’s old laser engraving module. The machine can engrave at depths of up to 3mm and cut through materials up to 5mm thick.

Creality has also implemented a dedicated laser focusing system designed to ensure clean edges at all times. To use the system, all that’s required is to slide down the ‘facilitator’ located on the laser tool, which will auto-focus the laser and calibrate the build.

For ease of use, the CR-Laser Falcon also comes equipped with a preview function for lining up the laser lines before a job is commenced. It uses a blue light housed in the laser toolhead to indicate where the engravings will be, allowing users to confirm the work surface before pressing play. The same can be done for batch engraving builds with multiple parts, such as adding a logo to ten different surfaces at once.

On the safety front, the toolhead has its own Class 1 laser cover that reportedly filters out 90% of UV light. The device also houses a fan with a washable cotton filter for absorbing smoke and dust, making indoor operation safe and comfortable.

The CR-Laser Falcon comes with a long list of engraving material capabilities, including paper, leather, fabrics, wood, acrylic, polymers, and even metallic surfaces.

The CR-Laser Falcon's laser toolhead. Image via Creality.
The CR-Laser Falcon’s laser toolhead. Image via Creality.

Technical specifications and pricing

Below are the technical specifications for the Creality CR-Laser Falcon, the system is available now for $349. Creality has launched its new global website where users can upload their engraving projects to the Creality Cloud. The system is also available on Amazon from the Creality 3D Store, as well as the Amazon INLAND Store.

Engraving area400 x 415mm
Spot precision0.1mm
Engraving depth0 – 3mm
Cutting thickness0 – 5mm
Laser wavelength450nm
Engraving precision254dpi
Engraving speedUp to 10,000mm/min

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Featured image shows the CR-Laser Falcon engraver and cutter. Photo via Creality.