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Catch Your Eyes before You Take A Bite: 3DP Cookie Cutters

Often there are designs from 3D printing enthusiasts that offer something at once unique, obvious, and special. Found on Etsy, Printmeneer presents this type of customizable product with 3D printed cookie cutters. These prints would be fun especially for the holiday season when cookie baking (especially at my parents’ house) sees a dramatic uptick in anticipation of Santa or nights inside with a glass of milk for dunking. The cookie cutter prints can also mold other food depending on softness and type of 3DP, yet they appear perfect for cookie dough.

cookie cutter 3d printing

Printmeneer’s shop owner, Wouter, operates from Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and inspiration came from wanting a product not offered through traditional markets. Taking advantage of a newly acquired 3D printer and fulfilling the want for a miter cookie cutter, Wouter took matters into his own hands and decided to print the molds. True to a graphic designer’s base, many of the options currently posted on Etsy showcase various fonts and shapes from tea kettles to diamonds. In addition to the forms offered through Etsy, Printmeneer can customize cookie cutters upon request.

cookie cutter 3d printing

The ingenious use for 3DP designs would be a welcome addition for people looking to add a little personal flair to the kitchen and baked goods. From medical devices to jewellery to homemade cutlery, 3DP often needs a slight crack for the floodgates to burst open have some fun with personal designs and applications.