Christopher Barnatt's Video Series: 3D Printshow London 2013 Extra

There was a lot to see at the 3D Printshow held earlier this month in London. Just check Rachel Park’s Review on the event – quite a bit of material, right? Christopher Barnatt, whose video review of the event we covered earlier, felt there was more to show, so this weekend we’re treated to 3D Printshow 2013 Extra! In this follow-up report Christopher shows us the multitude of 3D Printers on display at the show – both most known desktop models as well as some lesser known desktop models by industry newcomers. Both Rachel and Barnatt were impressed by a very sleek, beautifully designed desktop 3D Printer, BEETHEFIRST from Portugal. Read more about the Portuguese 3D Printer here, but before that, here’s Barnatt’s video: