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CELLINK and Volumetric introduce Lumen X 3D bioprinter for larger vascular structures – Technical specifications

CELLINK, the Swedish manufacturer of the BIO X 3D printer, and Volumetric a Texas-based biomaterials and biomanufacturing company, have introduced the Lumen X Digital Light Processing (DLP) bioprinter to produce large vascular structures.

Designed as an entry-level platform, the Lumen X works with patent-pending bioinks to print high-resolution, macroporous, and vasculature structures, strengthening research regenerative medicine. Dr. Jordan Miller, the co-founder of Volumetric, said:

“Through this collaboration, we are harnessing the power and precision of light to structure living tissue through highly parallelized projection stereolithography and photopolymerization. We see applications in microfluidics, lab-on-a-chip devices, and vascularized living tissues containing millions of cells.”

The Lumen X 3D bioprinter. Photo via CELLINK/Volumetric.
The Lumen X 3D bioprinter. Photo via CELLINK/Volumetric.

The Lumen X

Although Volumetric was only founded in 2018, co-founders Dr. Miller and Bagrat Grigoryan have spent five years researching and validating materials for 3D bioprinting “to empower the next generation of advanced biofabrication”.

Upon the launch of the Lumen X, Dr. Miller added, “We are so thrilled to see our research, the culmination of a combined 20 years of stereolithography and 3D bioprinting expertise, developed and commercialized through this incredibly strong partnership with CELLINK.”

The Lumen X has been established as a complementary product to the Holograph X and BIO X 3D bioprinters as well as all bioinks within CELLINK’s portfolio. It is said to leverage over one million points of light to bioprint microscopic features down to 200 microns.

This platform also photographically cures entire layers at once, crosslinking structures fifty times faster than alternative bioprinting methods. Moreover, the Lumen X is capable of print living cells within a BIO X-fabricated structure which and accelerate organ-on-a-chip research.

“We are excited to launch yet another product in our bioprinting technology portfolio,” said Erik Gatenholm, CEO and co-founder of CELLINK.

“This system will seamlessly complement our current product offerings of both hardware as well as bioinks and biomaterials. We look forward to continue offering the latest bioprinting technologies to our customers worldwide.”

The Lumen X 3D bioprinter. Photo via CELLINK/Volumetric.

Technical specifications and pricing 

Printer Dimensions24 x 43 x 41 cm (9.5 x 17 x 16.5 in)
Weight 9 kgs (20 lbs)
Technology DLP
Pixel Resolution (XY)50 µm
Projected Image1280 x 800 pixels
Build Volume (maximum)64 x 40 x 40 mm

Heated PlatformMaximum temperature of 37 °C
Z-Precision (motor-driven) 5 µm
Wavelength405 nm Intensity

The price of the Lumen X has yet to be disclosed. However, a quote can be generated via the CELLINK website.

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Featured image shows the Lumen X 3D bioprinter. Photo via CELLINK/Volumetric.