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Carima to launch new DM400d DLP 3D printer at Formnext 2019

Carima, a Korean 3D printer manufacturer, has announced the launch of a new large-scale DLP 3D printer. 

Named DM400d, this new system has been designed by Carima with a focus on increasing DLP 3D printing productivity. As such, the 3D printer has been developed to have a large build volume with fast printing speeds, reportedly capable of producing 57 dental models in 100 minutes. 

With the DM400d 3D printer, Carima is targeting the medical, automotive and industrial sectors, as it is compatible with a range of resins for different applications. The company will be premiering the system at Formnext 2019 in Messe Frankfurt, Germany, Booth No. G39 in Hall 12.1. It is scheduled for commercial release in the first half of 2020.

The DM400d system is set to premier at this year's Formnext show. Image via Carima.
The DM400d system is set to premier at this year’s Formnext show. Image via Carima.

C-CAT 3D printing technology

Based in Seoul, Carima was founded in 1983 to develop and market photo developing machines. Since then, the company has developed its product offering to focus on DLP 3D printing, as well as other 3D technologies like scanners and software. 

Previewed at Euromold 2015, Carima has developed its own DLP 3D printing technology, known as C-CAT. The company has claimed that its C-CAT process is up to 400 times faster than other DLP techniques currently on the market, capable of 3D printing objects at a rate of 60 cm per hour. This is compared to standard print speeds of other DLP machines quoted by Carima as within the range of 2 – 3 cm per hour. 

The company’s wide range of 3D printers include the DM250 system, designed for production-level 3D printing. It features a build size of 250 x 140 x 280 mm. For educational applications, Carima also offers its EM 3D printer, featuring a smaller printing volume of 128 x 80 x 170 mm. Carima’s flagship product is the IM2, intended for the jewelry industry, capable of 3D printing precise and high resolution parts. 

The DM250 3D printer. Photo via Carima.

Increasing productivity of DLP 3D printing

The DM400d, Carima’s newest DLP 3D printer, comes equipped with a 400 x 400 x 400 mm build volume, and dual 4K UV LED engines, to help create a large DLP 3D printing output. Despite its larger size, Carima also state that the system maintains a native 100μm printing accuracy(X/Y). 

To demonstrate the speed of the DM400d 3D printer, Carima tested the system against a standard SLA machine. Whereas the SLA 3D printer it tested was capable of producing 11.5 3D printed units in 100 minutes, the company claims its new system can 3D print 57 models in the same amount of time, almost five times faster. 

The DM400d is compatible with a range of resins, from dental to high-strength and low-distortion engineering resins such as Tough and Rigid. Combined with its high precision 3D printing capabilities, Carima explains that the 3D printer is therefore suitable for producing jigs and fixtures for industrial industries, as well as medical devices and electric vehicle parts. 

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Featured image shows a 10cm tall Eiffel Tower 3D printed using Carima C-CAT technology. Photo via Carima.