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Bukito Portable 3D Printer Surpasses Kickstarter Goal

Bukito 3D Printer Kickstarter

The public has spoken and Deezmaker’s Bukito has received the funds necessary to kick-start their durable portable 3D printer. No stranger to 3Dprintingindustry, Bukito must now deliver on specs and services touted by its creators and supporters. This durable open space printer has video evidence of its ability to manufacture accurate prints in different positions and under various conditions. Some of the videos go to extreme lengths to drive the point home.

The structure of the Bukito printer provides the innovative durability suitable for the printer on the go, the travelling printer ready to whip out the product and manifest the creative object desired.  Using an aluminum V-slot slider system borne from Openbuilds, Bukito has a streamlined structure while simultaneously performing with increased rigidity. The newest model utilizes the home-cooked ”Tatsu” drive gear and can print PLA, ABS and nylon materials. In the video below, we see the printer jostled in the air while continuing to accurately print the company logo. If the capabilites align with the demonstrations, the Bukito ought to prove a solid competitor in the personal-use 3D printing market. With the necessary funding it place, Deezmaker’s Bukito is in an optimum position to deliver to a hungry consumer market who already pledged support for the product weighing in at just under 6lbs.  The Kickstarter project formed by Diego Porqueras reached its goal, and now the potential is in the minds of those willing to invest in the Bukito.

Source: Kickstarter