Breathe-3DP unveils new nylon filament

Breathe-3DP has unveiled its Phoenix filament for those that want a purpose-built Nylon filament that simply raises the bar.

It’s made for 3D printing, rather than adapted for the purpose. It combines the ideal strengths of toughness, heat resistance and tensile strength to provide a filament that is fit for almost any purpose.

Breathe-3DP has worked hard to create a filament that offers high print reliability, smooth extrusion and excellent bed adhesion. It also resists warping and shrinkage, which is essential for the industrial process. So this filament could be the answer for commercial enterprises where absolute precision and the quality of the final print are simply non-negotiable.

Phoenix filament in red, a Nylon filament built for 3D printing, rather than adapted

“Breathe-3DP is built on 46 years of specialized plastics formulation and extrusion experience,” said Brendan McSheehy Co-Lead of the company. “We are passionate about providing high-quality 3D filament, which offers great part performance, print reliability, ease of printing and a range of vibrant colors.”

Materials are growing faster than printers

The 3D printer materials market is growing even faster than the printers themselves and is the area that offers perhaps the greatest room for real breakthroughs. The printers themselves will speed up and the resolution will improve as we move towards mass manufacturing, but the materials offer perhaps the biggest amount of headroom.

Until now the industry has focused on adapting traditional manufacturing materials as it reacts to the technology moving at breakneck pace. Now, though, the materials side of the business is moving forward and companies like Breathe-3DP are at the vanguard of this movement.

Breathe-3DP is one of three units within Universal Fiber Systems, LLC, which has been in the polymer business since 1969. In 2014, the Virginia company devoted huge resources to 3D printing, resulting in the formation of Breathe-3DP. It started with impact-strengthened PLA++, but now Breathe-3DP is working on a range of materials. This Nylon Phoenix filament is the second.

Six colors to start, more on the way

The company offers more than 2,000 colors with its traditional manufacturing process, but with the 3D printing filament it has started with six colors. They include black, blue, red, orange, gray and white.

These colors offer complete uniformity in the finished prints and the pigments are also FDA-approved when it comes to food-contact.

It has tested this filament on 40 of the most popular printers at its R&D center in Bristol, Virginia. That includes thorough tests of the finished products to make sure they are good enough for industrial applications. The company has produced functional gears, which are a real challenge for 3D printed Nylon, and a vast amount of other complex structures before putting this filament on the market.

Phoenix filament produces solid and reliable gears

Order it now

You can order 1kg spools in either 2.85mm and 1.75mm thickness, for $60, and soon the company will reveal a number of alternative colors.

If you’re running a small business, you’re a dedicated hobbyist or you simply want to take your Nylon printing to the next level then you should check out Breathe-3DP’s Phoenix filament and give it a try. We think you’re going to love the results.