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Bossard Group corners 3D printing market with TRUMPF, German RepRap and Henkel

Bossard (SWX:BOSN), a Swiss fastener technology and logistics group, is entering the additive manufacturing market as a supplier for three established 3D printing industry names.

Partnered with TRUMPF, German RepRap and Henkel, the Bossard group and it’s subsidiary KVT-Fastening corners three key 3D printing technologies, and plans to continue expanding its range to solve industrial manufacturing challenges.

Cornering polymers and metals

German headquartered machine tool company TRUMPF will be reselling it’s laser metal fusion (LMF) and laser metal deposition (LMD) machines through the Bossard Group. One of the company’s most recent releases is the TruPrint 5000 LMF 3D printer, a tri-laser system showcased at formnext 2017.

The TRUMPF TruPrint 5000. Image via TRUMPF.
The TRUMPF TruPrint 5000. Image via TRUMPF.

Through German RepRap, Bossard will be a supplier of fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printers, targeting low-cost product development and prototyping applications.

And in Henkel, the company corners stereolithography (SLA) technology, supplying the Loctite PR10 DLP printer and a selection of Henkel’s photopolymer resins.

The international adhesives giant began manufacturing 3D printer materials in 2016, and recently opened a multi million Euro facility in Ireland, for the purpose. The new 3D printing supply agreement adds to a longstanding partnership between Henkel and the Bossard Group.

Inspecting a 3D printed part for the automotive industry. Photo via German RepRap.

The Bossard competence center

In each of the partnerships Bossard will leverage its expertise and large sales network to help new and existing customers apply 3D printing technology and design complex customized components.

The official statement from the company reads “The Bossard Group views 3D printing as a forward-looking technology that will transform some areas of industrial manufacturing,”

“Our consulting services extend to the design of prototypes and complex customized components; application engineering and prototyping will act as a competence center.”

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Featured image shows a selection of 3D printed objects using Henkel-developed resin. Photo via Henkel