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TRUMPF and O.R. Laser launch new 3D printers at formnext 2017

German OEMs TRUMPF and O.R. Laser have both launched new 3D additive manufacturing systems at formnext 2017.

TRUMPF launched its TruPrint 5000 multi-laser 3D printer at the Frankfurt trade show, while O.R. Laser debuted a hybrid 3D printing and CNC milling machine based on the features of its predecessor, the ORLAS CREATOR powder bed fusion 3D printer.

3D printing, three axis milling

A year after launching the ORLAS CREATOR at formnext 2016, O.R. Laser has now launched its hybrid 3D printing CNC milling machine.

The hybrid machine takes its predecessor’s exterior size and build platform, which measures 110mm (diameter) by 100mm. However, added to the 250 watt laser and processing speeds of 3500 mm/s, is a brand new three axis milling capability.

With the inbuilt extra function, O.R. Laser’s machine will produce an even higher surface quality on a finished product.

Unveiling the machine, O.R. Laser’s business development chief Ludovico Camarda reaffirmed that the “ORLAS CREATOR is the only machine that fits through a normal door. You can even put it in your living room.”

O.R. Laser’s current hybrid machine remains a concept version, with a commercially available machine set to be released by the end of 2018.

Ludovico Camarda launches the OR Laser's hybrid machine at formnext 2017. Photo via Twitter/Michael Petch.
Ludovico Camarda launches the OR Laser’s hybrid machine at formnext 2017. Photo via Twitter/Michael Petch.

TRUMPF’s three laser triumph

Also offering a triple upgrade to previous technology was German 3D printing and laser technologies firm TRUMPF. The OEM has launched its TruPrint 5000 multi-laser LMF (laser metal fusion) 3D printer, a successor to the TruPrint 3000.

The 5000’s three scanner-guided, 500-watt TRUMPF fiber lasers are capable of being focused on any point within the build chamber, and move along calculated paths. This allows a more efficient layer by layer 3D printing process of complex components.

The largest components capable that the TruPrint 5000 can 3D print are up to 300 millimeters in diameter and 400 millimeters in height.

An automated transporting mechanism brings the finished part out of the build chamber, while the laser and build chamber is automatically calibrated and kept inert, ready for the next job.

The TRUMPF “sieve” and “unpacking stations” can be combined with the TruPrint 5000 to recover excess powder and clean the build chamber, creating a closed loop production system.

To demonstrate the functions of the TruPrint 5000, TRUMPF 3D printed a of servo valves with redesigned by Bosch Rexroth and Heraeus Additive Manufacturing.

The TRUMPF TruPrint 5000. Image via TRUMPF.
The TRUMPF TruPrint 5000. Image via TRUMPF.

On display at formnext

O.R. Laser is exhibiting at formnext 2017 hall 3.0, booth C20, while TRUMPF can be found at hall 3.0, booth E50.

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Featured image shows a closer view of the OR Laser hybrid machine. Photo via Michael Petch.