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Laseradd debuts four SLM 3D printers at TCT Asia 2018

Chinese 3D printer manufacturer Laseradd Technology has debuted four SLM 3D printers at the TCT Asia show 2018.

The Guangzhou-based company unveiled its DiMetal-50, DiMetal-100 3D printers to visitors, whilst also debuting its new DiMetal-300, and Di-Metal-500 systems.

Laseradd DiMetal-50 SLS 3D printer. Photo via Laseradd.
Laseradd DiMetal-50 SLM 3D printer. Photo via Laseradd.

Laseradd’s  3D printers

The Laseradd DiMetal-50 has a 50 x 50 x 50 mm build volume, and features a 70W laser with an optional upgrade to 200W. It can 3D print layers between 2-8 μm in thickness, and has a build rate of 7 m/s.

A larger system with a build volume of 100 x 100 x 100 mm, the Laseradd DiMetal-100 can 3D print layers between 20-100 μm in thickness, with a build rate of build rate of 7 cm/s. It is equipped with a 500W laser (with a 200W option), features one-way double powder tanks, and has an inbuilt Galvo scanner system.

Finallly, the DiMetal 300 and 500 are new machines that boast a 500W laser and only differ in their respective build volumes of 300 x 300 x 300 mm and 500 x 500 x 500 mm. Both also notably feature multi-material 3D printing capabilities.

Across the four systems, the DiMetal range is capable of processing a number of powdered materials, including titanium, high-temperature alloys, cobalt chromium alloy, stainless steel and aluminum alloys. All four 3D printers also all feature a gas shield protection system confining gas to the build environment.


Laseradd arrives on the scene

Laseradd was founded in 2016 by Yang Yongqiang, a professor at the South China University of Technology and an executive director of the China Institute of Mechanical Engineering, together with James He, a MEng graduate of the University of Bath, UK.

James He was formerly a researcher at UK company Renishaw, before joining its additive manufacturing line of business (which launched the four-laser strong RenAM 500Q SLM 3D printer in 2017) and serving as its China Technical Manager.

Alongside the development of its DiMetal 3D printer series, Laseradd also operates a service bureau that manufactures parts for aerospace, automobiles, medicine, dentistry, and industrial applications.

Fellow Chinese 3D printer manufacturer Farsoon Technologies is also debuting machines at TCT Asia, with the FS1000P 3D printer and Continous Additive Manufacturing System (CAMS) set to be unveiled.

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Featured image shows the Laseradd team at their Guangzhou office. Photo via Laseradd.