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Farsoon CAMS 3D printer will be “the largest plastic powder bed system”

While 3D printing is currently extensively used for individual part production and protoyping, additive manufacturing on a continuous and industrial scale is not yet available. Farsoon Technologies, a global producer of both industrial polymer and metal 3D printers, is addressing this and has announced that its newest machine will feature a Continuous Additive Manufacturing Solution (CAMS).

The ability to continuously additively manufacture parts without the need for recalibration will be incorporated into the China-based company’s forthcoming FS1000P CAMS system. The FS1000P will be a large plastic powder system capable of reaching high temperatures.

The build chamber temperature of up to 220℃ is intended to allow high
performance parts to be 3D printed using materials such as PA6, PA12, and TPU.

The company promises that there CAMS concept is also, “fully compatible with metals and Farsoon is set to release further information on their large platform metal CAMS system in the near future.”

As 3D Printing Industry reported in April 2017, GE Additive is currently developing their ATLAS metal additive system. The ATLAS will have a build volume of 1 meter cubed.

A non-stop production capability

Farsoon says the FS1000P will be the largest SLS powder bed system on the market. The 3D printing system has a 1000 x 500 x 500 mm build volume. The continuous production capability of the system will allow batches of components to be created without the need for a system recover in between production cycles.

Inbuilt into the CAMS system will be a fully digital multi laser and scanner systems. Powder handling, part breakout and post processing capabilities will be compatible modules which may be attached to the system.

Farsoon is set to release further details about the CAMS system at the 2017 Formnext show in Frankfurt.

The machine itself  is set to be launched at the TCT Asia show in 2018. Farsoon Founder, Dr. Xu Xiaoshu commented that “as an industrial-focused AM company, Farsoon is committed to shifting the mindset of what additive manufacturing can become.”

A custom mechanical part 3D printed by a Farsoon 3D printer.
A custom mechanical part 3D printed by a Farsoon 3D printer. Photo via Farsoon

Farsoon’s continuous expansion

Last year, Prodways distributed its new ProMaker P4500 printer, in partnership with Farsoon, which also enabled larger build volumes. The company has recently expanded into North America with the opening of a new Demo and Integration Center near Austin, Texas.

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Featured image shows Farsoon’s F1000P. Image via Farsoon.