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Boris Johson unveiled 3D Model of 'Arch of Triumph' in Trafalgar Square

Here, at 3DPrintingIndustry we like to cover 3D Printing and 3D Scanning applications. One of our favorite project that combine these new technologies is the Scan the World initiative from MyMiniFactory.  Cultural heritage is crucial to how we see ourselves as people. It reflects our long historical legacy as human beings and gives people a sense of identity and a shared past. It comes in many forms, whether that be in a particular belief, object, ritual or tradition. To lose one’s cultural heritage is to lose one’s identity. This loss has become increasingly apparent in recent times with natural disasters and human conflicts.


Vertex Modelling, the remote sensing and 3D Modelling specialists, is working with the Institute of Digital Archaeology, on an accurate scale recreation of the ‘Arch of Triumph’, Palmyra.

The to-scale replica of the Arch of Triumph will be unveiled by Mayor of London Boris Johnson, in Trafalgar Square, on 19 April 2016 at 1PM.




The recreation of the Arch of Triumph was a highly technical process.  Due to the destruction of much of Palmyra and inaccessibility of the site, Vertex Modelling was unable to take laser scans of the size and detail of the Arch.  The team devised an alternative methodology, constructing the model from approximately 350 photographs provided by the Institute of Digital Archaeology. These photographs included high resolution shots of the decorative details of the structure. The photogrametry technique is  a very powerful mean to produce 3D data for 3D Printing.

The initial layout of the Arch was captured based on individual site photos and historic measurements.  Once the fundamental dimensions were plotted, the detail of the recessed decorations was digitally sculpted.  This highly detailed model was then retopologized, making the model more tightly constructed, but equally as detailed. This 3D model was then milled out of marble in Italy in a true-to-life size, 1:1 scale, and displayed in Trafalgar Square.

Michal Konicek, Manager of Vertex Modelling, said: “The restoration of the Arch of Triumph has been a great achievement.  The process of bringing it to life was highly complex as we did not have the original to work from.  The standard and level of detail required by the Digital Archaeology Institute was incredibly high, but we are always happy to take on a challenge.  Drilling down into the details of the design and texturing of the Arch was made all the more difficult as for certain parts we only had a few pictures as a reference – and this is where having team of incredibly talented and committed 3D modellers made all the difference.  It is has been an extremely rewarding project, and we are honoured to see it placed in Trafalgar Square – a true feat of design and technology, bringing a historic site back to life”.