3D Printing

Bespoke Modeling & 3D Printing in the Cloud for Medical Training & Applications

The latest announcement from 3D Systems introduces immediate availability of Bespoke Modeling. This is a trademarked software service for medical professionals that is based in the cloud, and reports the company it is easy-to-use and affordable. The premise is that medical professionals can quickly create, view, share and 3D print full-colour 3D anatomical models directly from DICOM data thus giving them the ability to diagnose and communicate more effectively, simplify medical imaging, improve medical instruction and enable smoother patient referrals. Subscriptions to the cloud-based application start at $30 per month and deliver access to cutting edge technology in a very easy-to-use way.

Via the Bespoke Modeling service medical personnel can view patient-specific 3D data, bookmark views, add annotations, explore specific anatomical structures and then order colour 3D cloud printed models or print on-site. 3D-printed models can also be used in a teaching environment mimicking realistic, bone-like properties when sawed and drilled.

“The sensory feedback experienced using Bespoke Modeling 3D prints is nearly identical to operating on a real bone,” says Dr. Bernard Cannas, founder of Sapo Implant, a physician training company that tested Bespoke Modeling for its implantology courses. “We can now use many more models during our training course providing greater hands-on training than we ever could with cadaver bone.”

“We use 3D-printed models in our educational exercises whenever possible,” commented Dr. W. Paul Brown, a consulting associate professor at Stanford University. “The ability to manipulate a 3-dimensional, digital anatomical model on a computer in Bespoke Modeling and at the same time hold and manipulate a 3D print of the same structure is a unique and useful teaching tool.”

Bespoke Modeling is compatible with popular web browsers, like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox. It’s also available on iPad, iPhone and Android devices.