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Beijing Ten Dimensions Ltd Release Ceramics Printer

Recently, the Chinese 3D printing website Nanjixiong has reported about two famous European 3D printing companies and it has attracted many people. One of these is Lithoz from Austria and the other is a French company called Ceramaker. People have been very surprised by their printing china printing quality and many customers have asked for their products. However, the price of these 3D printers is very high, both of them are hundreds of thousands of pounds, so many cannot afford it.

On 1st of June, the Beijing Ten Dimensions Ltd announced that the company is cooperating with the Department Of Mechanics of QingHua University to develop a ceramic material 3D printer which focuses on the use of DLP. This 3D printer is able to print aluminium oxide, zirconia, biological ceramics and many other different kinds of ceramic materials.

Beijing Ten Dimensions Ltd is a company who focuses completely on using 3D printing technology. The DLP printers they have produced before have already been used in hospitals in China and the customers’ response are positive.

In 2015, the Nanjixiong media site visited Beijing Ten Dimensions Tech and asked for an update on progression of their DLP photocuring ­based 3D printer. It’s surprising they will manage to release a ceramic 3D printer in the following year.

So let’s take a look at the parameters of the printer:

Moulding area: 96x54x150 mm (length x width x height)

Print resolution: XY 0.05mm, Z 0.25mm minimum

Dimension: 500 x 400 x 800 (length x width x height)

This ceramic 3D printer is suitable for many areas, such as the aviation industry, medical and for custom-built cultural products.
The price hasn’t announced yet, but the company will announce the price in 3 months time. It is reported that it will be lower than the price of Lithoz and Ceramaker.