Swedish 3D printing company Arcam has released its Annual Report for 2016 and updated its branding identity.

Having been acquired by GE late last year, Arcam has now updated its logo which includes the addition of ‘GE Additive’ branding. The company announced its financial results for last year recently with revenue reports of $73 million.

The new Arcam EBM logo. Image via Arcam

The new Arcam EBM logo. Image via Arcam

Operating under common brand

With its new logo, Arcam cemented its relationship with GE Additive. The company was acquired by GE at the same time as Concept Laser last year.

It seems now, under the guidance of GE, the Arcam Group – consisting of Arcam EBM, AP&C and DTI, – will now operate all under one brand. Magnus René, CEO of Arcam, explains this as he states “Arcam and the industry have evolved considerably since our original brand more than 20 years ago.

Bringing together our offerings in industrial additive manufacturing systems through Arcam EBM, metal powders through AP&C and contract manufacturing through DTI under one common brand structure will make it easier for us to efficiently address the market. With the endorsement from GE Additive we can communicate the power behind our new brand and the solutions we can provide customers

An overview of Arcam's 2016. Image via Arcam's Annual Report.

An overview of Arcam’s 2016. Image via Arcam’s Annual Report.

Arcams growth over the period of five years. Image via Arcams Annual Report.

Arcams growth over the period of five years. Image via Arcams Annual Report.

Moving forward

For the rest of this year, the Arcam Group will continue to expand their metal powder production through AP&C. With the creation of a new plant in Canada the company expects to have atomization capacity of up to 750 tons a year by the end of 2017. Arcam also released two new 3D printers last year, the Q10plus and Q20plus. Arcam’s parent company GE has also just announced plans to expand additive manufacturing capabilities and release its own metal 3D printer.

If you’d like to find out more about Arcam, 3D Printing Industry held an interview with CEO Magnus René last year.

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Featured image metal 3D printed hip stems from Arcam. Photo via Arcam.