3D Printing

Arcam Metal 3D Printers Further Penetrate Aerospace

3D printing is continuing to make headway in the aerospace industry.  With the production of GE’s LEAP engine fuel nozzles and the test-firing of a rocket with 3D-printed components, the technology is slowly proving its viability in the high-performance world of jet engines. Though details are still obscure, Arcam, manufacturer of industrial 3D metal printers, has just received an order from an unnamed aerospace company.

Though the name of the specific company has not been made public, the industrial 3D printer manufacturer has announced that an EBM system order has been made from a US aerospace company. Arcam’s CEO, Magnus René responds, “This new order strengthens our position as a supplier to the aerospace industry. We expect that the aerospace market will continue to grow for us during the coming years.” Aerospace companies are not generally reticent about talking up 3D printing, but like all manufacturers they can be twitchy when it comes to new developments.

The order may be a small example of the gradual progression of additive manufacturing in the hands of traditional manufacturers, but, as Todd Grimm warned at CES this year, the technology still has a long way to go. The new projects announced by America Makes will contribute to industrial 3D printing’s much needed quality control to ensure repeatable and reliable production that meets the high standards of aerospace companies.

Source: Yahoo! Finance