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Arc of the Covenant — Scaled Down & 3D Printed

Whether or not the digital revamping of the Indiana Jones movies is appropriate is debatable, but certain elements from the movie can undoubtedly benefit from a little tweaking. And out of this development-oriented mindset comes a 3D printed miniature of the Arc of the Covenant by Matthew C of Geomatrix Studio.

The design of the Arc was inspired, naturally, from biblical references as well as from Tinsel Town’s vision of the long lost historical artefact. The 3D printed Arc’s size is 7.8” x 4” x 3.4”.

Matthew C Arc Of The Covenant Miniature

The fine material used for this very detailed piece of art is stainless steel which was then plated with 10-karat gold. The cost of the model stands at 3,400 Canadian dollars. However, if that price seems too high, but the urge for an Indiana Jones conversation piece for your home is nonetheless still appealing, you can also get a model of the Arc starting from $800 CAD – without the gold plating. A third material option offered is antique bronze.

The miniature Arc can be bought from Etsy, so head to the source link to find more about this and other fine examples of 3D printing jewellery and miniature art.

Source: Etsy