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A 3D Printed Purse: Zip Top Bag

Kacie Hultgren, the creator of Pretty Small Things, is not all about miniature furniture. She has developed some other innovative 3D designs, such as the Zip Top Bag, which is part of her range of 3D printed ladies purses. The Zip Top Bag, which can be found in thingiverse, also works well as a pencil case, we hear.

Zip Top Bag is a fast printable, sleekly designed purse size bag. And, in line with its name, the bag has a zip top closure, which, according to Kacie, makes a satisfying zippy nose when opened and closed, and perhaps more importantly, it is fully functional in that it holds closed securely.

[nggallery id=22]

The inspiration for this design came from gabielfp’s awesome roll top box and emmett’s bracelet. Some subtle changes have been made to the fabric edges since the images were taken and the size can be adjusted.

The original project specs are 140mm x 223mm, but 140mm x 195mm and 95mm x 95mm are also available. Two fabric options are also provided: Slice at .2mm and .1mm layer height.

Watch the demo video: