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AON3D launches the AON M2+ 3D printer – technical specifications and pricing

3D printer manufacturer AON3D has announced the launch of its new high-temperature industrial 3D printer, the AON M2+.

Based on the company’s previously launched AON-M2 system, the M2+ is an independent dual extrusion (IDEX) FFF 3D printer with new and improved engineering material capabilities. According to AON3D, it features the industry’s largest sub-$100K actively heated build chamber, sporting an open materials platform for the highest performance filaments available today. Designed for both functional prototyping and end-use production, the M2+ is aimed at making industrial 3D printing accessible to businesses of all sizes.

“End-use part properties define how businesses can benefit from 3D printing,” explains AON3D CEO Kevin Han. “The AON M2+ was designed by our team of material scientists to take full advantage of current and future economical thermoplastics, carbon fiber composites and high performance polymers like PEEK, PEKK, and ULTEM.”

The AON M2+ 3D printer. Photo via AON3D.
The AON M2+ 3D printer. Photo via AON3D.

Industrial 3D printing with AON3D

Founded in 2015, AON3D is based in Montreal and has venture capital-backed roots. The company, as well as manufacturing 3D printers, offers its own line of 3D printing materials and a whole host of additive manufacturing services.

AON3D’s 3D printers aim to combine large build volumes, affordability, and extensive material compatibility, offering an alternative to other high-temperature manufacturers such as Stratasys. The company has already served over 200 businesses in over 20 countries around the world.

In 2018, AON3D released its third-generation 3D printer, the AON-M2, a large format, high-temperature system designed to produce engineering-grade end-use parts for the automotive, aerospace, and healthcare sectors. Then, in 2020 came the AON-M2 2020, another high-temperature FFF system with a revamped focus on part accuracy, repeatability, and increased reliability.

ABS parts on the build plate of the AON M2+. Photo via AON3D.
ABS parts on the build plate of the AON M2+. Photo via AON3D.

The AON M2+ 3D printer

The new AON M2+ offers all of the features of its predecessors and more, bringing advanced material capabilities to businesses far and wide. The system is based on an IDEX setup, meaning two identical parts can be 3D printed at the same time for double the throughput. This is aided by the M2+’s notably large build volume, which measures 450 x 450 x 640mm.

Looking a little deeper, the actively heated build chamber can reach 135°C, while the bed can be heated up to 200°C. The process parameters are fully configurable and the print surfaces are also swappable, depending on the application and the desired first layer.

Much like its predecessors, the material capabilities of the AON M2+ are really where the system shines. With a maximum nozzle temperature of 500°C, the 3D printer is compatible with hundreds of different third-party filaments, including materials with higher strength to weight ratios than aluminum, materials with chemical and hydrocarbon resistances, and even ESD-safe thermoplastics. Additionally, users will also be able to process filaments that are biocompatible and sterilizable, and those that feature thermal resistances above 250°C.

“Our goal is to unlock AM applications across value chains and beyond just prototyping,” said Randeep Singh, Chief Product Officer at AON3D. “Materials and final part properties are leading those initiatives.”

End-use handles 3D printed on the AON M2+. Photo via AON3D.
End-use handles 3D printed on the AON M2+. Photo via AON3D.

Technical specifications and pricing

Below are the technical specifications for the AON M2+. Readers interested in purchasing the 3D printer can visit the AON3D store page for a quote.

Build volume450 x 450 x 640mm
Nozzle temperature500°C
Extruders2 (IDEX)
Chamber temperature135°C
Bed temperature200°C

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Featured image shows the AON M2+ 3D printer. Photo via AON3D.