AMUG Conference 2013 Open For Registration

The Additive Manufacturing Users Group, or AMUG, is an organisation committed to education and advancing the usage and applications of all additive manufacturing technologies – including all of our favourite abbreviations from FDM to SLS and of course 3DP . The group has its origins in a support group designed to assist users of 3D Systems equipment, dating back to the early 90’s. In the current millennium the main visibility for the organisation comes from their annual conference, which brings an interesting selection of industrial AM enthusiasts together for five days to work, discuss, debate and play. The registration for the 2013 conference to be held in Jacksonville, Florida – and marking the 25th anniversary – is now open for registration for owners and operators of AM systems.

The president of the organisation, Gary Rabinovitz, explains his vision behind the 2013 conference: ”I have been spending a lot of time thinking about how the 2013 conference agenda should look. The theme of course is “Education and Training,” but I have also been asked about different tracks that may be offered. I feel that by sticking to only a few select tracks this may deter many folks from attending. With that being said, I would like to open this year’s agenda to topics from all AM technologies, whether the OEM is supportive of our group or not. I am looking for new and unique applications that provide both the “wow factor” and the “now that is an awesome use of the technology” factor. Combining technologies in the same project will be a high priority in this year’s agenda.”

The approach of participatory design – the by users for users approach – combined with the ‘wow-factor’ mentality, as ever promises rewarding content for attendees. Current figures also indicate a very positive turnout, as Rabinovitz states: ”If this [current registration rate] is any indication of … numbers, we are in for a real explosion since these numbers give us a projection of just over 500 attendees.” So if you fit the bill and have yet to be registrated, head to the source link for more information and how to join the ever growing AMUG crowd next year.

Apparently the food is exceptional and served in copious quantities.

Source: AMUG