America Makes and ANSI publish Additive Manufacturing Roadmap V2.0

U.S. additive manufacturing development organization America Makes, and its partner the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) have published the Standardization Roadmap for Additive Manufacturing (Version 2.0).

An update of the original document published in March 2017, the Standardization Roadmap for Additive Manufacturing V 2.0 lists 93 “gaps” in appropriate standards and specifications for 3D printing and its related processes. Sorted into high, mid and low priority points, the roadmap provides a comprehensive view of the industry, and the measures that need to be taken to advance the adoption of additive manufacturing.

Joe Bhatia, president and CEO of ANSI, comments “Coordination of standards development activity in emerging technology areas is something that ANSI excels at…”

“…we have been very pleased to partner with America Makes to define the standards needed to help grow the additive manufacturing industry.”

Over 150 industrial contributions 

Together, America Makes and ANSI are known as the America Makes & ANSI Additive Manufacturing Standardization Collaborative (AMSC), and it’s efforts, since forming March 2016, have been heavily funded by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

As previously reported, over 150 industry stakeholders, including GE, EOS, Autodesk, Arconic, Apple, Boeing and 3D Systems, have participated in the production of AMSC additive manufacturing roadmap, taking into account each stage of the process, from design through to part certification.

AMSC chair Jim Williams, president of All Points Additive consultancy, comments “It’s been a privilege to be involved with the committed group of professionals who make up the AMSC and I want to thank all of them who contributed to this undertaking.”

Hot of the press: the AMSC's Standardization Roadmap for Additive Manufacturing (Version 2.0).
Hot of the press: the AMSC’s Standardization Roadmap for Additive Manufacturing (Version 2.0).

The Standards Landscape

This time, the roadmap is also supported by by the AMSC Standards Landscape document – a helpful compilation of published and in-progress standards and specifications, and the bodies responsible for their development.

Global standards development organizations SAE International, IEEE, and the FDA feature throughout the landscape document.

In particular, ASTM International, that recently published a new standard for powder bed fusion (PBF), is credited with the development of over 150 relatable standardization documents, although most are not 100% additive manufacturing specific.

on the other hand, one new document currently in development at ASTM and new to V 2.0 of the roadmap is the “New Guide for Assessing the Removal of Additive Manufacturing Residues in Medical Devices Fabricated by Powder Bed Fusion.”

The iFuse-3D titanium implant. Image via PRNewsfoto/SI-BONE, Inc.
An iFuse-3D PBF 3D printed titanium implant. Image via PRNewsfoto/SI-BONE, Inc.

Rob Gorham, executive director of America Makes, concludes, “We are extraordinarily pleased at the AMSC’s continued progress to define a coherent set of additive manufacturing standards and specifications that will benefit the industry.

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Featured image shows the America Makes logo on the 3D printed puzzle from RAPID + TCT 2018. Photo by Beau Jackson