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Adobe Adds 3D PDF 3D Printing & More to Photoshop CC

Adobe has gradually been adding 3D support to its Photoshop software, as it broadens from a pure photo editing software to a program capable of dealing with 3D files.  Today, the company announced a few tidbits of news that expand those 3D capabilities even further, including the use of 3D PDF files for 3D printing.

With their Print to 3D PDF format, 3D printing users can convert their 3D files to 3D PDFs in the same way one might export a document into a PDF.  In this case, a 3D model is put through Photoshop’s 3D printing pipeline, during which its checked for errors and repaired, before creating the 3D PDF. This gives users, 3D printer manufacturers, and 3D printing services the ability to then integrate  file format into their own workflow, so there’s the potential for a service like 3D Hubs to allow for users to upload 3D PDFs for 3D printing.

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In fact, now, 3D Hubs customers will be able to 3D print with 3D Hubs even more easily from Photoshop CC, as Adobe has added the distributed 3D printing network to their software.  Models finished or repaired in Photoshop CC can then be sent to the 3D Hubs site and printed via a local 3D printer owner.  The software developer also added the Tinkerine Ditto Pro to its list of supported printers, so that owners of the Ditto Pro can print directly from Photoshop to their home printer.  Finally, full-color 3D models can be sliced and converted to the SVX format, which will also see them repaired by Photoshop during the export process.

As Adobe adds new 3D features to its software, it may see greater use in the 3D printing community.  To me, this latest announcement seems to suggest a small attempt by the software developer to remain on par with Microsoft, as they attempt to co-opt 3D printing files with their own .3MF format.