AddUp acquires DED metal 3D printing company BeAM

AddUp, the additive manufacturing venture of French industrial engineering group Fives and Michelin, has acquired BeAM, a manufacturer of directed energy deposition (DED) machines.

Though full terms and conditions of the transaction have not been disclosed, BeAM has confirmed AddUp will have 100% stake in the company.

“Together, BeAM and AddUp will be uniquely positioned in the additive manufacturing market by offering their customers a comprehensive range of metal additive manufacturing solutions,” comments Vincent Ferreiro, CEO of AddUp.

“This acquisition also strengthens AddUp’s role as a leading player in the French metal 3D printing ecosystem with more than 100 engineers working on the development of new solutions.”

BeAM directed energy deposition

BeAM, also known as BeAM Machines, was founded in 2012. In addition to its European headquarters in Strasbourg, France, the company has sites in Cincinnati and Singapore.

A developer of DED technology, the company manufactures the Modulo and Magic ranges of industrial metal 3D printers. The original Magics 1.0 was delivered in 2016, followed more recently by the 5 axis Magic 2.0 machine.

BeAM's 5 axis Magic 2.0 machine. Clip via BeAM
BeAM’s 5 axis Magic 2.0 machine. Clip via BeAM

The technology used by BeAM is especially valuable to maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) operations, and counts aerospace industry representatives, such as Safran, as its partners.

The company also has an established history with Fives subsidiary Fives Machining Systems, Inc.

AddUp Solutions

AddUp, meanwhile, started out life in 2015 then known as Fives-Michelin Additive Solutions. The venture became AddUp, or AddUp Solutions, in 2016.

AddUp was created as a “one-stop-shop” for industrial additive manufacturing solutions. It offers consultancy services, training, and systems, encompassing the FormUp multi laser melting machines, and the AddUp FlexCare System, a fully contained unit to protect the health and safety of additive workers.

Inside AddUp's FlexCare System. Image via AddUp
Inside AddUp’s FlexCare System. Image via AddUp

Pooling resources

Under the acquisition, BeAM’s DED machines will be added to the AddUp portfolio, cornering a wide range of the metal additive market.

In addition, Vincent Gillet CEO of BeAM, says, “The arrival of AddUp and its shareholders, Fives and Michelin, enables us to secure BeAM’s development and to benefit from their industrial expertise and the pooling of our respective resources.”

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Featured image shows AddUp acquires BeAM. Image via AddUp.