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Additive Manufacturing Europe: Day 2

Today marks the second day of Additive Manufacturing Europe, an event which allows both manufacturers and potential customers of these companies to interact and make connections. It’s amazing to see so many applications for this technology, and also see various printers face to face and hard at work.

Today’s focus is said to be on aerospace. Companies are showing their best developments in their products, they’re out of this world!

It’s not just printers that are getting the red carpet treatment, there are plenty of different filaments and printing mediums to check out and find out more about.

It’s exciting to see such large printers display at the event, it really shows you the scale at which 3D printing is growing. Not just in advancements, but also in size! Printers in large sizes have existed for some time, but to see this enormous size becoming more common is pretty interesting.

This event is not only gathering pace, it’s also gathering popularity as it reaches its midpoint. It’s hoped that Additive Manufacturing Europe will help this technology gain yet more popularity and convince industrial professionals to introduce Additive Manufacture into their line of work.

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