AATiD Invited to Present Achievements at International Workshop

Israeli Consortium, AATiD, was announced as a leader of an international cluster for additive manufacturing of titanium aero-structures, supported by the European Commission and IMS International

AATiD, the Israeli consortium for additive manufacturing of titanium was selected by the European Commission (EC) and IMS International as the leader of “TAS-AM” – an international cluster for titanium aero-structures produced by additive manufacturing.

AATiD was invited by the EC and IMS, a global organization supporting R&D innovation within the manufacturing community, to present its recent achievements in an international workshop that took place in Fundació CIM, Barcelona, Spain at May 2, 2016.

The objective of the workshop was to stimulate international cooperation in the area of Additive Manufacturing (AM) between running consortiums from different regions of the world in order to stimulate synergies, maximize mutual benefits and identify potential plans for cooperation within new clusters, based on the shared vision of its participants. AATiD consortium has attracted great interest from the other participants who vote for it as a leader of international titanium cluster. The cluster brings together members from the EU, USA and South Africa.

AATiD consortium was established on 2015 within the support of the Israeli Office of Chief Scientist (OCS), Magnet Committee, in order to develop advanced technologies for the design and 3D printing of optimized complex aero-structures made of Ti-6Al-4V alloy. AATiD`s vision is to upgrade the Israeli industry by exploiting existing technologies that could design and manufacture these printed aero-structures.

In the IMS workshop, AATiD offered to collaborate with other running consortiums, sharing its exploitable achievements in the fields of:

  1. Optimal processes for printing, welding and post-processing of Ti printed parts
  2. Selection of the most appropriate powder bed printer and most worthwhile parts to be printed at a specific technology (Laser or Electron beam based system)
  3. Design rules of bionic parts based on topology optimization combined with printing technologies limitations
  4. Methodology for the establishment and operation of an aero-structures production line based on powder bed printers
  5. Methodology for using alternative and recycled powders
  6. Prediction of EB printed Titanium properties using process simulation software
  7. Methodology for the development of a design allowables matrix
  8. Methodology for choosing the most effective NDT per geometry and defects
  9. Methodology for the development and justification of lattice structures
  10. Embodiment of airworthiness regulations in printed aero-structures
  11. Methodology for scanning damaged part and fast recovery by printing a complete replacement
  12. Methodology for selection of the appropriate optimization software and the appropriate simulation software
  13. An atlas of fractographic images of printed Ti-6Al-4V
  14. A novel electro-mechanical polishing process for printed Ti-6Al-4V parts


AATiD was represented by the Israel Institute of Metals, Technion, during the session of “AM for metal parts” which hosted some of the major projects in the world on this topic, like “AMAZE”, a 20M€ project under the H2020 program coordinated by the European Space Agency.

Each session (from the three: metal, polymer-ceramics and generic technologies) was focused on the synergies between the individual projects, and the result of the workshop was the establishment of six clusters (three in the field of metals) signed in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for joint collaboration.

TAS-AM international cluster main goal is to share database on different titanium AM technologies, materials properties, design processes and certification knowledge. The identification of the major gaps in the titanium AM technology will be used to formulate a collaborative research program. A specification book for Ti-AM will be also created.

AATiD chairman, Lior Zilberman, said: “We see highly potential in participation in forming and leading a new international metal printing cluster. Such collaboration will give a tremendous added value and impact for the aviation market that is pursuing for high-performance aero-structures at a competitive price”


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