3D Printing

A Global 3D Printing Tradable Index from Stoxx

STOXX Ltd has announced and launched a Global 3D Printing Tradable index that will track the performance of companies that generate at least 1% of their revenue from the growing and emerging 3D Printing sector.

This is likely to please the many analyst types and futurologists out there, not to mention the VCs that are increasingly sitting up and taking notice of 3D printing tech as it continues to evolve and grow.

Accordingly, the Stoxx website states:
”The components are screened for market capitalization, three-month average daily trading volume and other criteria to ensure tradability. The index includes the top 30 companies according to free-float market capitalization.”

The press release does suggest that Stoxx has bought into the hype and is blending it with the fact that the sector is growing quickly, as the CEO, Hartmut Graf states: ““The 3D printing sector is thriving and gathering a lot of attention – many claim it will be the next internet,” IMHO – the first half of his sentence is undeniable, the second, while ‘many’ may claim it, it does not make it true.

Lots of individuals seem to get off on all the facts, semi-facts and correlating figures that generate the smoke and mirrors around the “value” of companies.

In terms of meeting Stoxx’s criteria for its Global 3D Printing Tradable Index: “companies must pass a set of screens. More than one percent of their revenues must be generated from the 3D printing sector. Companies must have a minimum three-month average daily trading volume (ADTV) of 250,000 Euro and a minimum free-float market capitalization of 80 million Euro. Furthermore, they must be listed in a country that is classified as a developed market according to STOXX’s country classification model.”

My inclination is ‘each to their own’. Personally, I find this stuff baffling and irritating but I am just weird that way.