SkyMall Selling 3D Printers

Where would be one of the last places you would imagine being able to purchase a 3D printer?

Not a question I have ever really asked myself before, let alone answered. But it was in fact the answer that posed the question, when I discovered that the magazine available to all passengers in US airspace — SkyMall — has added 3D printers to its catalogue of products. You can now purchase a 3D printer on a plane.  Specifically the Cube from 3D Systems. You may, like me, initially wonder “Why on earth” (or not on earth, as the case may be) but, in fact, on pondering further, it’s really a quite brilliant piece of marketing from 3DS.

It’s a large audience (circulation is in the region of 20 million flyers per year). It’s a captive audience (where are you going to go?). It’s a wealthy (relatively speaking) audience. And it is a prime place to benefit from a high number of impulse buys (yes, that is speaking from experience).

Wheels up …..