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Mcor Introduces New ColourIT Software — Enhancing Full Colour 3D Printing Capabilities

Mcor, the company focused on paper-based, full colour 3D printing technology, yesterday unveiled new software called ColourIT for its Iris-line of printers at the Inside 3D Printing conference & expo in New York. The software has been delivered to enhance 3D data files, most significantly, in terms of providing users with the ability to print their designs out in full colour. ColourIT can also be used to improve the data files by adding such features as logos and engineering labels directly to the 3D model and thereby widening the Iris’ appeal. Being able to use a full colour scheme makes the Mcor an appealing proposition for the production of prototypes.

Dr. Conor MacCormack, CEO of Mcor, also believes that ColourIT adds value for their customers: “All of our technology decisions have been made in support of making professional-class 3D printing more accessible while remaining eco-friendly. Now, with ColourIT and the IRIS, the once niche colour 3D printing capability is widely accessible with a low-cost, eco-friendly, comprehensive solution.”

ColourIT works in unison with Mcor’s used SliceIT software and is compatible with all standard file types from .3DS to .WRL and is available for order right away.

Source: Mcor

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