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Graphene 3D Lab Files Patent for Multimaterial Electronics 3D Printer

After coming across Jason Simpson’s story regarding penny stocks and 3D printing, I have become skeptical of over-the-counter trading.  So, I have approached Canada’s Graphene 3D Lab with hesitancy, as they are traded on the OTCQB (as well as the TSX-V).  I also understand that, when it comes to foreign companies, it is sometimes necessary to trade on the OTC markets in the US, while they trade on their own domestic exchanges, so Graphene 3D Lab may be an exception to a rule against purchasing penny stocks.  And they’ve already begun selling their graphene-composite filament, with a lot of success, which could suggest that the company is the real deal (McNeal).  If so, then their news today could be an important one for the company, as they’ve announced the filing of a provisional patent related to 3D printing an organic LED light source on their own multi-functional 3D printer.

Graphene 3D Lab Inc.-Graphene 3D Lab Files Patent Application fo
Graphene 3D Prototype Multi-functional Printer (CNW Group/Graphene 3D Lab Inc.)

According to the company, the printer patent details “multiple deposition techniques, robotic manipulator, laser and UV curing capabilities” for a machine that can 3D print organic LED lights that function straight off of the print bed.  As you might imagine, the LED also uses graphene, specifically a “graphene coated transparent conductor window.”

Graphene 3D Lab Inc.-Graphene 3D Lab Files Patent
Organic LED Light (CNW Group/Graphene 3D Lab Inc.)

Elena Polyakova Co-CEO of Graphene 3D, said of the patent, “We consider this new IP a dramatic leap forward, offering the ability to 3D print with multiple functional materials at the same time, including the ability to 3D print a working light. This printer was specifically designed to maximize the attributes of the functional materials we have already, and will introduce in the future to the market. Industrial builders will now have a printer with functionality that allows users to expand the potential of the projects they can design and manufacture. We believe these patents reflect the most advanced and functional 3D printer available anywhere today.”

Daniel Stolyarov, Co-CEO of Graphene 3D, added, “A primary mission of our company is to revolutionize 3D printing by making it capable of easily fabricating functional objects, things that work and can be used. Incredibly, we have developed the technology of 3D printing a light source ‘from scratch’, with one touch of a button. Our main focus is developing specialized 3D printing techniques and materials that push past the boundaries of what is currently available.”

The company says that they are looking into contract manufacturing and partnership opportunities to commercialize the printer and, my bet is, they will be getting a lot of inquiries about the technology. Given the successful applications of their conductive filament, I’d like to believe that we’ll see their printer see similarly successful applications, as well.  I may not be sure about penny stocks, but Organovo, too, was once a penny stock and it now trades on the NYSE.  If Graphene 3D Lab continues to produce products as well-received as their filament, they could very well be the Organovo of electronics 3D printing.