3DQue installs QPod 3D printing production unit at Mitsubishi Chemical Performance Polymers

3DQue, a 3D printing startup based in Vancouver, has announced the first installation of its high-volume, 3D printing production unit, the QPoD, to Mitsubishi Chemical Performance Polymers (MCPP).

MCPP, wholly-owned by New York-based Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (MCHC), manufacturers polymer-based filament with a focus on high-performance materials for end-use parts. Its new materials testing laboratory in Warren, Michigan, will analyze the capabilities of the QPoD.

“We are very excited to be working with [MCPP] to test QPoD’s performance and compatibility with their wide range of materials,” explained Mateo Pekic, Chief of Innovations at 3DQue.

“It is 12x to 40x faster than batch production at costs that rival volume injection molding. This means faster innovation and the ability to scale production seamlessly.”

Inside the QPoD unit. Photo via 3DQue.
Inside the QPoD unit. Photo via 3DQue.

High-volume FFF 3D printing

The QPoD is a high-volume production unit with nine 3D printers in a compact 3×3 array with a total footprint of 10 sqft. This system, debuted at RAPID + TCT, enables the management of varying filaments and nozzles. Using the company’s automation technology QSuite, the QPoD allows for 24/7 remote control of all 3D printers and jobs, including scheduling and monitoring, for mass production of parts.

Moreover, QPoD is capable of allocating files to printers, autonomously removing parts, alerting operators when prints are finished, resetting printers, and automatically starting print job.

Upon QPoD’s development Steph Sharp, CEO and co-founder of 3DQue, stated, “Until now, plastic 3D printing failed to meet today’s manufacturing needs due to the high cost of part removal and lack of scalability.”

“Working from his basement, Mateo Pekic has been able to solve a problem that has stumped some of the world’s leading experts in materials science, engineering and innovation by automating plastic 3D printers to safely produce complex plastic parts at scale.”

The QPoD production unit. Image via 3DQue.
The QPoD production unit. Image via 3DQue.

MCPP acquires Dutch Filaments 

Previously, MCPP acquired Dutch Filaments, a manufacturer of private label filaments, to expand its market position. Following this acquisition, Richard Luiken, co-founder at Dutch Filaments, said:

“With the support of Mitsubishi Chemical Performance Polymers, Dutch Filaments will not only be able to give an even better answer to the fast-growing demand for its filaments, but also new expertise, materials, techniques the global footprint of Mitsubishi Chemical will further push our contribution to the 3D printing market.”

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Featured image shows the QPoD unit. Photo via 3DQue.