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3D Systems Targets Mommy

I was fascinated to learn about some of 3D Systems upcoming plans for the beginning of next year from Abe Reichental last week. After the success of the Cube café concept, which will continue to evolve and be used by the company to highlight and educate people — from any and all walks of life — about the ways they can access and use 3D printing and its many applications, 3D Systems will also be launching a new initiative, notably at the vast Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January.

3D Systems targets mommy techThe “Living in Digital Times” concept will be exhibited and presented independently of its main stand by 3D Systems within the ‘MommyTech Summit’ at CES and it is fully dedicated to engaging kids with 3D printing by getting the ‘moms’ on board too.

Abe’s stance on this is as follows: “Today’s kids are growing up in a digital world. Youngsters cut their first teeth on tablets and bang on mobile phones before they can walk. By the time they reach high school, these teens will likely dabble in video production, explore virtual worlds and own a drawer-full of prized personal consumer electronics. From storybooks to Facebook it’s how they learn, communicate and entertain themselves. We belive that Moms are technology’s gatekeepers, biggest adopters and most vocal users!”

As a result 3D Systems is teaming up with the ‘MommyTech’ movement to focus on the innovations, intelligence and tools of the trade needed to reach this coveted marketplace. Indeed Abe will be speaking at the [email protected] Summit at CES, within the main hall on January 9th to complement the dedicated booth in the [email protected] section of the Venetian.

It’s an interesting one — targeting the kids before they have even got to school via their mum, because any good mother will have final veto on the tech and the apps their kids ‘play’ with.

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About MommyTech Summit

Mommy Tech Summit is a lifestyle exhibition and conference that takes place at the 2013 International CES. Call her a connected mom, a maven mom, or just a multi-tasker, but her mindset is front and center at the focus of this showcase. We look at the newest innovations and tools of the trade from a mom’s eye view, and spotlight key trends impacting the $2.1 trillion Mommy market. The one-day conference brings together industry speakers and thought leaders to provide a context for the latest statistics and trends for mom-thinking consumer electronics and lifestyle products. The exhibit show floor is a devoted, hands-on experience, with high tech products.