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3D Systems' Stars Shine at MAD Exhibition

3D Systems’ flurry of corporate acquisitions during the last couple of years has created a wide portfolio of cutting edge designers and manufacturing talent across the organisation’s team. Two such examples will now be on view at the MAD Museum’s new exhibit Out of Hand: Materializing the Postdigital. The work of Janne Kyttanen from Freedom of Creation — Macedonia Space Divider — now resides alongside Bespoke Innovations’s Bespoke Prosthetic by Scott Summit.

According to the MAD Museum: “This landmark exhibition brings together more than 120 works of sculpture, jewellery, fashion and furniture by 85 artists, architects and designers from 20 countries to examine how new technologies are pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and creation. The cutting-edge works highlighted in the exhibition demonstrate the reciprocal relationship between art and technological innovation as well as materials and new techniques.”

Space Divider Macedonia Janne Kyttanen 3d designJanne Kyttanen pioneered 3D design and printing for consumer products with the design studio, Freedom of Creation, that he founded in 2000. The Macedonia Space Divider was designed to create the most flexibility and freedom when dividing interior and exterior spaces, part of Kyttanen’s much larger 3D printed home décor and fashion collections. Kyttanen continues to shape the future of consumer 3D printing as Creative Director for 3D Systems.

Scott Summit tapped 3D printing’s potential to bring more humanity to people with life-altering health conditions like traumatic limb loss. Taking advantage of the freedom of complexity that 3D printing allows for, Summit founded Bespoke Innovations in 2009 with the mission to empower individuals to personalize prosthetics and braces with style and comfort. Summit’s Bespoke Prosthetics are paving the way for patient-specific medical solutions that enhance function as well as physical and emotional comfort. Summit continues to develop new applications for 3D design and printing as Senior Director, Functional Design for 3D Systems.

You can learn more about the MAD Museum exhibit Out of Hand: Materializing the Postdigital here.