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3D Systems launches new full color 3D printer, metal materials and software updates

3D Systems has launched a range of new 3D printing materials, updates to their software and 3D printers. The new metal and plastics releases are intended to accelerate production using 3D printing.

As we reported yesterday, 3D Systems has commercialized one of their more advanced additive manufacturing solutions, the Figure 4. Also this week the 3D printing company announced the expansion of the MultiJet Wax family with new ProJet® MJP 2500W and VisiJet® M2 CAST RealWax™ material, for applications in jewelry and industrial casting.

New VisiJet 3D printing materials

For the MJP 2500 platform, 3D Systems launches new VisiJet materials. These materials are intended for applications requiring rigid properties, for example snap-fit assemblies.

According to the company,

The advancements include a breakthrough dental model material in rigid tan (VisiJet M2R-TN), the most optimal color for dental models to deliver superior visual contrast and precision. Other new materials include rigid black (VisiJet M2R-BK), rigid white (VisiJet M2R-WT) and rigid clear (VisiJet M2R-CL).

Black parts on plate


Metal 3D printing materials

In metal additive manufacturing, 3D Systems are making four new LaserForm® materials available: LaserForm Ni625, CoCrF75, 17-4PH and AlSi10Mg.

LaserForm Ni625 is a nickel cobalt chrome material and designed for applications requiring high temperature and corrosion resistance as well as high strength. 3D Systems say Ni625, “enables shorter lead times and reduced cost over conventional production methods in most applicable industries.”

LaserForm CoCrF75 is a cobalt chrome material, and engineered for industrial parts where resistance to corrosion, wear and high temperatures is necessary. Applications include, “medical tools and devices; dental implants and prostheses; molds and dies; high wear industrial applications; and parts requiring high strength at elevated temperatures.”

LaserForm 17-4PH is a stainless steel material and LaserForm AlSi10Mg an aluminum material.

3D Systems ProX DMP metal 3D printing system.
3D Systems ProX DMP metal 3D printing system.

3D printing software updates

From April, 3D Systems will begin to include their 3DXpert workflow software with all its direct metal printers. 3D Printing Industry took a closer look at 3DXpert during last years IMTS, and the software is on the shortlist for one of the first 3D Printing Industry Awards.

Regarding 3DXpert 3D Systems CEO, Vyomesh “VJ” Joshi told us at the time,

If I’m a customer I need multiple software packages and you have to figure out how to do the support, how to do the segmentation of the part and then post processing.

If you use multiple software packages then you can’t really automate. We have one single piece of software and you can automate the process.

The company has also announced that the 3D Sprint™ software will be extended across the MultiJet printer family.

Jim Ruder, Senior VP of Plastics, said,

Our most recent developments expand the capabilities and innovation of our customers across key verticals to dramatically improve their digital workflow. We are committed to providing solutions that deliver productivity, repeatability, durability and improved total cost of operations to drive real 3D production for our customers.

3D Systems 3DXpert Software (Photo by Michael Petch)
3D Systems 3DXpert Software (Photo by Michael Petch)

New ProJet CJP 260Plus 3D printer

3D Systems also announced the ProJet CJP 260Plus. This is a full-color 3D printer intended, “for anatomical modeling in healthcare and concept modeling for accelerated product development.”

According to the company, “The ProJet CJP 260Plus is the company’s most compact printer for fast and affordable full-color 3D printing, and offers full CMY color in a closed-loop powder loading, removal and recycling system.”

Existing owners of the ProJet CJP 260C will be offered an upgrade option program for the new machine.

Also on the hardware side, 3D Systems are introducing DMP Vision™. This is a system designed to allow process monitoring for users of the ProX® DMP 320.

Kevin McAlea, EVP, General Manager, Metals & Healthcare said,

The addition of DMP Vision and 3DXpert, combined with our new LaserForm materials, enhances our ability to deliver leading precision metal solutions to customers who require the highest standards for surface finish, resolution and quality parts.

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