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3D Printing Teaching Gains Badge Certification

PD Learning Network (PDLN) has announced a partnership with Dremel to provide badge certified K-12 teacher professional development for the Dremel Idea Builder printer.

“One of our most important responsibilities as an education technology provider is supporting teachers as they learn how to implement new tools in their classrooms,” said George Velez, manager, Dremel 3D education. “Partnering with a reputable professional development organization is emblematic of our mission to ensure 3D printing is applied in a purposeful way that enhances students’ understanding of STEAM principles.”

Access to a PDLN badge certification training course accompanies the purchase of every Dremel Idea Builder 3D40-EDU kit. The courses include videos, articles, lesson plans, school case studies and hands-on learning opportunities that provide a way to help educators master the use of 3D printing in instruction. PDLN’s signature emphasis on effective classroom application makes sure teachers can put 3D printing to most effective use to achieve desired student learning outcomes.

“PDLN is proud to partner with Dremel because their commitment to quality, reliability and simplicity in education technology,” said PD Learning Network CEO Jennifer Gibson. “Pairing that with PDLN’s standards of rigor in micro-credential badges ensures teacher mastery and effective instructional use of 3D printing technology.”

Upon completing assessments to demonstrate understanding of how to use the Dremel Idea Builder and integrate it into instruction, teachers earn an open badge from PDLN which they can share with colleagues, student parents, administrators and potential employers as evidence of their knowledge and skills.

In addition to providing educators with comprehensive training through the PLDN badge course, the Dremel Idea Builder was said to be the first 3D printer to be safety certified by UL, a global independent safety science company. The printer comes with a one-year warranty, and includes personalized teacher support through Dremel’s customer support center.

About PD Learning Network
Professional Development Learning Network (PDLN) creates online EdTech professional development courses for K-12 educators. Badges and micro-badges are awarded based on competency, rather than seat time. PDLN’s team of experienced educators and EdTech trainers curate content and develop original video courses designed to meet the needs of 21st century educators. Assessments are created with the goal of immediate classroom application. A rigorous review system, credentialed reviewers, and optional university credit ensure the value of PDLN badges. Courses are aligned to international standards.



About Dremel
Founded in 1934, Dremel is the industry standard in leadership and excellence for versatile tools systems. The Dremel 3D Idea Builder expands the brand’s reach from the workshop to the classroom to provide educators and students with cutting-edge technology for STEM education. Built upon the brand’s dedication to empowering makers through creativity, precision and project enjoyment, the Dremel 3D Idea Builder nurtures student confidence by giving them a tool to design and build their own models to understand lessons. With available curriculum to draw connections between 3D printing and instruction, Dremel is providing educators with the support they need to transform classrooms.