3D Printing

Traditional Motifs Made Modern By Professor Krawczyk

Inspired by Art Deco, the design movement of the early twentieth century, and with a certain pictographic, ideogram-like quality, the 3D printed artworks of Robert J. Krawczyk are bold yet refined, simple yet complex. Now available on the Sculpteo store under his label BitArtWorks, Krawczyk, Professor of Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology, embraces modern technology whilst reflecting traditional design values of décor. As illustrations, the work would not look out of place in a 1920’s Deco catalogue. 3D printed as tangible artwork, the motifs become a set of refined ornaments.

Compared with the majority of his work, the author of Creating Computational Architecture In AutoLISP has strayed from the stricter mathematical geometries that are the trademark of his style. But the mathematical and computational background of Krawczyk’s career interests shows through in this set of works in a way that embodies his historical style. And that history includes a high level of success including exhibits such as: Chicago Sculpture International Biennales; Chicago Art Loop Open, Art Chicago, and multiple SIGGRAPH Art Gallery exhibits.

ornaments 3d printing krawczykKrawczyk has created a series here that will probably be more appealing to a broader audience than some of his previous works, which show genius and huge expertise, but perhaps are more for fine art collectors and those with a specific inclination to math-art – that said, math-art itself however is no small niche, as the popularity of work by Dizingof shows.

The BitArtWorks collection at Sculpteo features seven sets of ornamental objects, ranging from € 23 to € 34 ($29 to $43) in sets of three and four, plus a free sample. The collection looks carefully considered, lovingly crafted, honed for 3D printing and would probably make a fine addition to many a household’s décor.