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3D Printing Light Sabers Until The Real Thing is Produced

I’ve wanted a real light saber ever since I was a kid.  My first memory is of Yoda in Return of the Jedi. It’s literally when my mind started recording. I’ve obsessed over the Star Wars Trilogy, just as many others have, in my time.  I tried in vain to move objects with the force as a kid.  I destroyed a Death Star (beehive) as a child with my light saber (wiffle ball bat) and passed out from blaster strikes (bee stings).   The point is, Star Wars affected my life and imagination tremendously, as it did (and continues to do) for millions of children and adults across much of the world.  It compels you to be brave, to trust your instincts and intuition, and to know that your mind is very capable of getting in your way. And I still want a light saber (a real one).

3d printed lightsaberblue

Tested.com is a fun site founded by Will Smith and Norman Chan.  They’ve spent two of the last ten years covering electronics news and internet happenings.  They also spent the last two years building tested.com.  Tested.com is also the internet home of the dynamic duo (Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage) from the popular debunking show, Mythbusters.

Every week they feature a different show-and-tell video, where they test out a design or feature a cool project submitted by the public.  If you have a suggestion email them at [email protected]

Most recently the team tackled a project, which, according to Joey Fameli, “… is another awesome project shared by our 3D printing columnist Sean Charlesworth. Norm visits Sean while in New York to check out a beautiful 3D printed lightsaber hilt that was assembled from 14 individually printed pieces. The designer of this model also created a four-piece kit for ease of assembly — all the files are available online. With some proper finishing work, it looks as good as the original prop!”

Ok, so let’s watch the video:

That CNC machined aluminum lightsaber is incredible!  I thought for sure I would be disappointed at the look of the 3D printed lightsaber in comparison, and I was right.  But it’s still pretty amazing looking.  The person who created the Obi-Wan lightsaber design, Valcrow, has done some phenomenal design work.  For more information about his process, check out his blog posts accompanying this intergalactic design adventure at Redcubricks.  He hand painted them with an astonishing amount of detail and care.

 3d printed star wars lightsaber

 3d printed lightsaber2

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His powers seem to be what most people would consider…unnatural.

Here’s an interesting post on what’s holding us back from having functioning lightsabers.  Forget hoverboards.