Guyson International Installs Blast Cabinet for 3D Print Post Processing

Industrial finishing equipment manufacturer Guyson International installed one of its F1400 blast cabinets into rapid prototyping company FDM Digital Solutions’ 3D printing facility. The post processing station was fitted with a micro-tipped pencil blaster for small part surfacing and finishing.

New York’s Guyson International is a leading manufacturer of industrial post processing equipment, specializing in custom-engineered systems created for each customer’s individual needs. The blast cabinet that they engineered for FDM Digital Solutions was optimized for small, 3D printed parts. The model 400 blaster will create a variety of surface finishes, can remove small striation marks, and even score the surface to make it more receptive to painting and finishing.

guyson f1400 blast cabinets

The F1400 blasting cabinet can accommodate prototypes up to 815mm x 560mm x 591mm and comes standard with a Guyson F21 dust collector. The blasting itself is operated with a foot pedal, allowing the user access to both hands when cleaning small parts. It also features sealed gauntlet gloves for easy part manipulation, a toughened glass viewing window and a blasting material quick release facility. The additional pencil blaster that was added can be operated with a separate pedal and is fitted with a very small, hardened nozzle for use on very small, delicate or complex components and parts.

The blasting system was installed in the 3D printing and rapid prototyping facility of the UK 3D printing company FDM Digital Solutions. They specialize in prototypes made from production grade thermoplastics, using, you guessed it, FDM.