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3D Printing Industry News Sliced: MakerBot, BEAMIT, Lubrizol, Nexa3D, nScrypt, Dyndrite, Magik Eye and more

In this edition of Sliced, the 3D Printing Industry news digest, we cover the latest business developments, partnerships, and acquisitions across the additive manufacturing industry. 

Today’s edition features additive manufacturing partnerships, several acquisitions, a cloud software printer, Paragon audited by BSI, and even a breakthrough solution for object detection using Invertible Light.   

Read on for the most recent updates from ZARE, AVID Product Development, NXT Factory, ANI Motion, and more.

BEAMIT merges with ZARE

Italian-based additive manufacturing (AM) service bureau BEAMIT, joined forces with AM service bureau ZARE to form a new organization. The merger between the firms will see the creation of a new hub-ecosystem, Pres-X. Located in Italy, the former is the first company to have installed a HIQ60 system able to perform heat treatments at high pressure. Their alliance seeks to provide a comprehensive range of materials, processes, and certifications to the international aerospace, aeronautical and defense, energy, motorsport, and other sectors. 

“Having the opportunity to lead this new high-tech hub is a chance very few people experience in real life,” said Andrea Scanavini, BEAMIT Group General Manager. “In the region of motor valley, the BioMed district, the agri-food district and machine automation business fully recognized as worldwide excellences, a brand-new excellence is born today.”

BEAMIT Group board: Cristina Bo, Mauro Antolotti, Sauro Zanichelli, Andrea Pasquali, Michele Antolotti, Andrea Scanavani. Photo via BEAMIT
BEAMIT Group board: Cristina Bo, Mauro Antolotti, Sauro Zanichelli, Andrea Pasquali, Michele Antolotti, Andrea Scanavani. Photo via BEAMIT

Business News: new partnerships for Lubrizol, Nexa3D, ANI Motion & nScrypt 

US-based chemicals’ provider Lubrizol has acquired Colorado-based service bureau, Avid Product Development. The acquisition enables Lubrizol to expand its 3D printing design, prototyping, and post-processing capacities. Additionally, the deal signals the growing demand from OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to integrate 3D printing technologies into their services. By combining Lubrizol’s molecular expertise with Avid’s 3D experience in industrial and medical markets, the firms will enable the company to enhance its customer service.

“Lubrizol continues to invest in opportunities that bring new differentiated solutions to our customers,” said Gert-Jan Nijhuis, General Manager at Lubrizol. “The acquisition of Avid Product Development greatly enhances our ability as a 3D printing solution provider, offering complete product solutions from material development to printing and post-processing services.”

California-based AM company Nexa3D has acquired AM producer, NXT Factory

“We are fortunate to be able to take this bold step right now… and set up Nexa3D up for accelerated growth,” explained Izhar Medalsy, COO of Nexa3D. “We believe that our ability to augment our organic growth plan with strategic additions will increase our marketplace attractiveness and relevance in the post-pandemic world, particularly within our targeted verticals, including healthcare, manufacturing, aerospace and mobility industries.” 

Both Nexa3D and NXT Factory are part of Avi Reichental’s venture investment firm Xponential Works.

Florida-based microdispensing specialist, nScrypt partnered with Korean Aerotech manufacturer ANI Motion and signed a distribution deal. As part of the agreement, ANI motion has the right to sell nScrypt’s manufacturing systems in Korea and hold sales rights throughout Asia. Additionally, nScrypt will now provide its SmartPump microdispensing tool head to ANI Motion, integrating it into its manufacturing platforms. 

“We are excited about partnering with ANI Motion for distribution and manufacturing in Asia”, said Dr. Ken Church, CEO of nScrypt. “ANI Motion has a similar vision as nScrypt: high precision digital manufacturing using our 3D manufacturing systems, which can make products like fully functioning electronic devices. We expect this agreement substantially to expand our footprint in Asia.” 

nScrypt's microdispensing SmartPump. Photo via nScrypt.
nScrypt’s microdispensing SmartPump. Photo via nScrypt

Software updates from Dyndrite, MakerBot, Brainchip and Magik Eye 

The Seattle-based software company, Dyndrite,  adds five new members to the Dyndrite Developer Council. The members are Additive Industries, Currax, Open Additive, Photocentric, and TRUMPF. The council is responsible for evolving industry standards by making AM more accessible. This constituent body is integral to the Dyndrite Developer Program as it provides tools, resources, and community for OEMs and independent software vendors (ISVs). 

“TRUMPF is excited to join the Dyndrite Developer Council. As a pioneer in additive manufacturing as well as laser specialists we are looking to implement the latest technologies”, said Ilona Heurich, Head of R&D Software HMI at TRUMPF. “We are excited to see how the Dyndrite GPU accelerated geometry kernel can help to maximize process performance and further strengthen the power and scalability of the AM industry.”

New members welcomed to Dyndrite Developer Council. Image via Design World.
New members welcomed to Dyndrite Developer Council. Image via Design World.

Stratasys subsidiary MakerBot has upgraded its MakerBot Cloud software to MakerBot CloudPrint. New software upgrades include queuing print jobs to each connected machine and printer management, enabling users to access MakerBot printers from anywhere. Moreover, the platform allows teams to share access to all connected MakerBot 3D printers, allowing people to work remotely. 

“We believe that MakerBot CloudPrint is an ideal solution for individual or team collaboration from anywhere”, said Nadav Goshen, CEO of MakerBot. “MakerBot CloudPrint offers an all-in-one solution for users to prepare, queue, print, and manage printers. Its aim is to easily adapt your workflow no matter how many printers you have.”

The global technology company, Brainchip Holdings, has announced a partnership with Magik Eye, a developer of 3D sensing solutions. The agreement combines Brainchip’s Akida neuromorphic process with Magik Eyes’s invertible light system. Their joint efforts will see the production of a total 3D vision solution for rapid object detection in applications such as automotive and smart transportation, including Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Takeo Miyazawa, founder and CEO of Magik Eye, said: “We are excited about the game-changing benefits that customers will experience, in terms of a total 3D vision solution for robotics, machine vision, and many other new applications.”

MakerBot Cloud Print feature. Image via MakerBot
MakerBot Cloud Print feature. Image via MakerBot

Certifications: Paragon Rapid Technologies receives BSI assurance mark  

Based at Teeside International Airport, UK, Paragon Rapid Technologies has received BSI Kitemark certification for three business streams. This award testifies that the company holds an ISO 9001 international standard for a quality management system. BSI successfully audited Paragon in July. 

“It’s with great pleasure that we can announce that we have been assessed and certified to ISO 9001:2015 with BSI” said David Hamm, Paragon’s Quality Manager. “We see it as a positive move to increase the levels of service offered to our customers. It will also allow us to manufacture products for the automotive sector and other industries requiring a governing body recognized by the IAF, and those who are also UKAS approved.” 

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Featured Image shows a microchip with encrypted Brainchip Akida on the surface. Image via Brainchip.