3D Printing industry News Sliced: 3D4Makers, Adaptive3D, ARBURG, Create it REAL, Poietis, PrintLab

This edition of Sliced, the 3D Printing Industry news digest, is all about new partnerships and new materials. 3D4Makers and Fiberlogy both launch new filaments and Fehrmann ALLOYS introduces a silicon-free aluminum alloy.

We also cover the latest updates in the world of additive manufacturing, including the winner of EOS North America 2019 Top Channel Partner Award.

Read on for updates from Adaptive3D, ARBURG, Create it REAL, DyeMansion, Perfect Colours, Poietis, PostProcess Technologies, Structo, and Thinklaser.

New PEKK 3D printing material

3D printing filament producer 3D4Makers and chemical and mineral specialist Lehmann&Voss&Co launched their new Luvocom® 3F PEKK 50082 Filament. The new material comes with enhanced flow behavior to improve the printability and layer adhesion.

Luvocom® 3F PEKK 50082 is designed to be optimal for industrial 3D printing and aims to provide dimensional stability by being non-flammable (UL94 V-0) and highly chemically-resistant. This lately modified PEKK is printable in non-heated chambers and delivering semi-crystalline parts with no warp, also coping with a continuous service temperature of 255°C.

Polish 3D printer material manufacturer Fiberlogy introduced its new filament, FiberSilk Metallic.

Fiberlogy's FiberSilk Metallic, already available in 10 colours. Image via Fiberlogy.
Fiberlogy’s FiberSilk Metallic, already available in 10 colors. Photo via Fiberlogy.

Hamburg-based aluminum specialist Fehrmann ALLOYS has introduced a silicon-free high-performance aluminum alloy, AlMgty. The German company’s new material makes it possible to add color to metal parts produced by 3D printing. 

Awards for past and future AM performances 

Phillips Federal, a leading machine tool supplier, has received the EOS North America 2019 Top Channel Partner Award. 

Since 2017 EOS North America has made the awards to partners who show high year-over-year growth, bring value to customers, and show a dedication to EOS’ core values.

Andy Snow, Sr. Vice President, EOS North America said, “Phillips Federal has not only embraced our technology but has dedicated resources to represent themselves as part of our Additive Minds Training group and our Life Cycle Solutions group. Through understanding our value proposition, they have introduced the EOS value stream to their customers.”

The EOS North America 2019 Top Channel Partner Award. Photo via Phillips Federal Division.
The EOS North America 2019 Top Channel Partner Award. Photo via Phillips Federal Division.

UK-based 3D printing curriculum developer PrintLab and its Australian reseller Edukits have received accreditation from the Australian government. The five-year accreditation is provided by the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA).

PrintLab resources are used worldwide in seven different languages, providing teachers with industry-relevant, high-quality materials. 

Nick Mayor, co-founder of PrintLab said, “We would like to acknowledge the efforts and belief that our Australian reseller EduKits have shown throughout our collaboration. Going forward, one of our key focuses is to achieve accreditation from other recognized education authorities around the world as we look to realize our strategy of delivering skills and positive change for the next generation globally. A process that we believe can quite literally change the world”.

Partnering for medical developments

French biotechnology company Poietis has signed a clinical research collaboration contract with the Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Marseille (AP-HM). The partnership aims to prepare the first clinical trial of a bioprinted skin.

Dr. Bertrand, Plastic Surgeon at the AP-HM said, “Bioprinted skin prepared from a simple sample of the patient’s own cells would greatly simplify the surgical procedure and avoid large skin samples.

Dr. Magalon, a pharmacist-biologist in the Cellular Therapy Unit, said “Tomorrow, the objective is to bioprint more complex tissues as close as possible to the patient. It is conceivable that all major hospitals will be equipped with bioprinters in the future. This reminds me of the success of surgical robotics: a breakthrough innovation that has become essential in daily practice.”

Elsewhere, Structo, a Singapore-based dental 3D printing solutions provider behind Velox, has partnered with uLab Systems, a California-based digital dental company. The partnership will enable Velox users to gain access to uLab’s range of AI-powered clear aligner therapy treatment planning software.

Huub van Esbroeck, founder at Structo said, “In-office and same day aligners have been the trend in orthodontics in recent times. We want to give Velox users the option of capitalizing on this trend for less complicated clinical cases, Structo and uLab have developed a strong working relationship, and we are excited to continue this fruitful partnership that will benefit both Structo and uLab users”. 

A partnership was announced between Danish 3D printing technology company, Create it REAL, and Belgian Spentys, a Belgian 3D scanning, 3D modeling, and 3D printing platform. The companies will work together to enable mass tailor-made orthopedic devices.

With this partnership, the two companies aim to develop a 3D printing manufacturing pilot line of limb orthoses to be installed in the orthopedic provider’s practice. The system will include a secured platform based on Create it REAL encryption solutions to enable orthopedic providers to securely access the patient 3D scans and data.

Louis-Philippe Broze, co-founder & CEO of Spentys, said, “There are many benefits for orthopedic providers who are considering implementing on-demand 3D printing service lines. In-house manufacturing significantly improves turnaround time by eliminating shipping. Quality control can be done onsite, and it enables orthopedic providers to share knowledge and skills to handle complex cases and create innovative patient solutions.” 

Spentys' personalized, 3D printed orthopedic immobilization device. Photo via Spentys.
Spentys’ personalized, 3D printed orthopedic immobilization device. Photo via Spentys.

New partnerships in the additive manufacturing world 

Adaptive3D, a Texas-based 3D printing resin supplier, has partnered with the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) Rapid Prototyping Consortium (RPC), to deliver Elastic ToughRubber 90 to Midwest Manufacturing Pioneers. 

Elastic ToughRubber (ETR) 90 is a premium high-strain photopolymer for additive manufacturing, achieves a high tear strength of 46kN/m along with greater than 200% elongation. The material also maintains this performance across a broad temperature window, including cold weather.

Kial Gramley, VP Sales & Marketing at Adaptive3D, said, “We are thrilled to partner with the RPC to enable its partner companies to develop and produce flexible parts and products with this high-performance additive manufacturing elastomer, suitable for all seasons of use.”

DyeMansion, a Munich-based 3D printing post-processing specialist, has started to collaborate with PLM group, a 3D printer reseller in the Nordic-Baltic region. This new partnership enables PLM to extend its portfolio with state-of-the-art finishing solutions, becoming the first reseller of DyeMansion gains in the Nordic-Baltic region.

DyeMansion’s post-processing systems will be installed at the premises of the PLM group to allow customers to see the workflow running and the results on-site. The Print-to-Product workflow at PLM consists of the Powershot C, Powershot S, and DM60 DyeMansion hardware systems.

DyeMansion Print-to-Product hardware platform: Powershot C, Powershot S, Powerfuse S, and DM60. Image via DyeMansion.
DyeMansion Print-to-Product hardware platform: Powershot C, Powershot S, Powerfuse S, and DM60. Image via DyeMansion.

Perfect Colours, suppliers of large format printers, consumables, and servicing, has joined the UK channel partner program of HP. Perfect Colours will act as a reseller of HP 3D Jet Fusion 500 Series printers for customers in the architectural modeling, engineering, and education spaces.

Perfect Colours has been an award-winning partner with HP for over 20 years. By adding HP’s 3D Jet Fusion 540 and 580 to its portfolio, the company aims to offer repeatable results and reduce wastage for its customers, by re-using remaining material. 

ARBURG, a German 3D printer, and injection molding systems manufacturer, has announced the acquisition of German RepRap, an FFF 3D printer manufacturer. 

Thinklaser, a UK-based developer of laser-based manufacturing systems, has partnered with 3D printing manufacturers, Roboze and Admatec. Via both partnerships, Thinklaser aims to bring innovative new material processing capability to the UK AM marketplace.

Items, printed on a Roboze 3D printer. Photo via Thinklaser.
Items, printed on a Roboze 3D printer. Photo via Thinklaser.

New York-based automated post-printing developer, PostProcess Technologies has announced to expand its Channel Partner network in the US and Europe as well. 

US-based resellers, TriMech and GoEngineer, and Greek Lino Integrated Printing Solutions will offer PostProcess’ data-driven post-printing solutions.

Nate Harris, Vice President of Sales, North America, PostProcess, said “Our latest signings of TriMech and GoEngineer will help us serve the burgeoning demand for our intelligent post-printing solutions across the US, now totaling eight partners. Both have unparalleled reputations and similar drives to deliver cutting-edge technology with an exceptional commitment to customer service, the same as our own.” 

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Featured image shows Sliced logo on a photo of a personalized, 3D printed orthopedic immobilization device. Original photo via Spentys.