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3D Printing Disproves Size Phallusy

In the most groundbreaking study of our time, The Daily Beast reports that a group of UCLA and the University of New Mexico researchers have shown that, from a group of 75 women, a size slightly larger than the average American penis was women’s ideal choice. And they used 3D printing to do it!

3D printed penis experiment dr. prause
Photo via The Daily Beast.

The study, carried out by the team of sexual psychophysiologist Dr. Nicole Prause and published in the journal PLOS One, sought out to discover women’s penis size preferences. Narrowed down from 100, the team 3D printed different erect penises that varied in terms of length and circumference, using blue plastic “to minimize racial skin-color cues”. The decision to 3D print the models was made because, Dr. Prause tells The Daily Beast“[H]umans judge sizes most accurately when visual and haptic information are available together,” the authors write, adding a little wryly that “both sources of data are usually available in sexual interactions.”

They then asked a group of 75 women to pick their ideal phallus, both for a long-term partner and for a one-night stand.  The results? The respondents reported an ideal length of 6.3 inches and circumference of 4.8 inches for long-term partners and only a tiny bit larger, 6.4 inches long and 5 inches around, for a one-night stand.  This is only slightly larger than the American average of 6 inches long by 5 inches around.

3D printed penis experiment choice

You can read the full study at PLOS One or learn more from Dr. Prause’s interview with The Daily BeastOr if you’d prefer to expand the study’s sample to account for, say, different sexual orientations, you can 3D print any of the phalluses at home, as all 33 printable penises are up on Thingiverse.