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3DPI Publishes A New Comprehensive Resource: 3D Printing Basics The Free Beginner’s Guide

As part of its growing portfolio of 3D printing media products and to support its strong coverage of news across the 3D printing industry, 3DPI has just published a beginners guide to 3D printing. Comprehensive and wholly free via 3dprintingindustry.com, this online publication is intended to provide the reader with clear, unbiased insights into the history and the reality of the 3D printing industry — the processes, materials and applications that are available today — as well as measured thoughts on where it might be heading.

Developed and published as a specific resource for newcomers to the 3D printing industry, the publishers believe that anyone interested in 3D printing, regardless of their skill level, will find this document a valuable resource. In addition, 3DPI is also planning to provide the full 3D printing guide in a downloadable PDF version, which can be used by individuals, academic institutions and SME’s as they delve into the world of 3D printing.

In terms of content, following an overview and introduction to the technology field, the guide offers historical perspective, before going into further depth on 3D printing technology, processes, materials and applications. The guide also offers a global perspective on the technology in terms of its effects and the real benefits and value that can be gleaned from implementing the technology today.

In conclusion, the guide also provides a useful glossary of the myriad terms across the 3D printing sector that can often cause confusion, particularly when it comes to acronyms.

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