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3D Printing a Team Fortress 2 Sentry Gun

We have covered work by Psychobob previously on 3DPI, namely his Atlas Bot from the Portal 2 game, and we have had word from this talented designer who is a big fan of 3D printing that he is working on something major, ‘mammoth’ in fact, but that is yet to be disclosed. In the meantime, to try and raise funds for whatever he has got going on behind the scenes, he has shared his latest creation, available via his new Shapeways shop, the Sentry gun from Team Fortress 2. Psychobob describes it as a piece of fan art, and the level of detail is impressive, due in no small part to 3D printing, but also the pain-staking paint finish and varnishing operations, which he has applied to the finished versions in the images below. For anyone purchasing the gun, they get to apply their own paint job.

Like in the game itself, this sentry gun has been designed to be modular working through from level 1 to level 3.

Psychobob 3D printed sentry gun

As Psychobob explains: “The sentry is actually split up into 3 separate “products” in my shop. You have a pack for level 1, level 2 and level 3. So if you wanted a level 1 gun only, you can choose to just buy the level 1 pack and then you don’t have to purchase the parts for the other 2 levels. Each level requires the preceding levels however, so if you wanted a level 2 gun you must purchase the level 1 parts and to get a level 3 gun, you need to purchase both level 1 and level 2.”

The sentry gun has been designed to eliminate glue during assembly, which is particularly useful for anyone that starts at level 1 but wants to upgrade to 2 and/or 3 at a later date.

Psychobob 3D printed sentry gun

Psychobob’s ‘how-to’ video imparts information on assembly and upgrading through the different levels, it can be viewed below: