i.materialise Announces the Finalists for its Andy Warhol 3DP Challenge

Back in February i.materialise opened a specific design challenge focused on the distinctive work of Andy Warhol as part of a collaboration with SME, the organisers of the RAPID event.  The result will be an exhibition at the Andy Warhol Museum on the opening night of RAPID in Pittsburgh in June — a special 3D printed installation, curated by renowned gallery owner Murray Moss, that combines Pop art with 3D printing.

After much deliberation, the five finalists have been announced and here they are for your delectation:

Speaking into the microphone by Luigi Vaghi:

Speaking into the microphone Luigi Vaghi 3DP Andy Warhol

Tomato Paint soup by Emanuele Niri:

Tomato Paint soup by Emanuele Niri 3DP Andy Warhol

Double Elvis by Dominik Raskin:

Double Elvis Dominik Raskin 3DP Andy Warhol

Cowbox by Thomas Cornelis:

Cowbox Thomas Cornelis 3DP Andy Warhol

Trash can by Cathrien Orie:

Trash cans Andy Warhol 3DP

To get a more in depth analysis of these designs from Murray Moss himself – check out his comments on the Materialise blog.