3D Printing

3D Printed Strandbeest – New Version

Animaris Geneticus Ondula, the latest creation from the Ducth artist Theo Jansen is not only a handful as a name, but a very impressive and complex 3D printed creation that walks along the beach. This latest work, also named as Strandbeest for the earlier versions of the creation, has an even more elaborate walking system that resembles a centipede in motion.


This 3D printed creature is composed of 122 individual parts and has 20 separate legs that move in sequence – all printed as one piece without any assembly work. The new version is also slightly larger than the earlier ones and provides a prime example of how 3D printing opens up possibilities for fabrication and design.

Words don’t really do the Animaris Geneticus any justice and we encourage you to have a look at the video below. For those who wish to get one, you can snap up your own beest from Shapeways.