3D Systems Takes Quickparts Global

One of the nuggets of news that came from 3D Systems at Euromold last week was that the company’s Quickparts service is coming to Europe. It kind of got lost in all of the 3D printing activity, including the Cube café, but this is not insignificant relevation.

The press release relaying this news stated that 3D Systems was announcing “that effective immediately its Quickparts on-demand parts service is expanding globally, extending its reach across Europe and Asia Pacific.” What this effectively means is that all of 3D Systems’ prototyping and manufacturing service bureaux across the world — acquired or otherwise — will all be brought together under the Quickparts brand. A sensible and unifying decision considering the number of companies this involves.

As well as branding, this also means that the Quickparts proprietary instant online quoting engine will be rolled out across Europe.

The remit of the Quickparts division of 3D Systems is to provide fast turnaround, custom manufacturing services for engineers and designers to create real plastic and metal parts for their prototyping and production applications. Using the patented QuickQuote technology, Quickparts is able to provide product designers with a secure “instant online quote‟ for the manufacturing of real parts including 3D printed parts, CNC machined plastic parts, cast urethane parts, injection moulding (tooling and parts), sheet metal parts and metal castings.


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