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3D Printed Fashion Forward Tags for Your Furry Friend

Finally, I get to post about dogs! MixeeLabs, which offers online customizable products produced through Shapeways, has launched a new Creator. This time, it’s dog-related! Their new Dog Bone Tag, designed by Michael Mueller, is almost like the online equivalent of the tagmaker you might find at the pet store except, rather than spitting out a dull, flat dog tag, you receive a hip, 3D printed one from Shapeways.

So, you enter your pet’s name into the Creator, to be printed into the front of the 3D bone, and your contact information, to be displayed on the back.  As with all Shapeways and MixeeLabs prints, you have a choice of materials, silver or stainless steel, and, if you go with steel, you have your choice of finish: bronze, silver, or gold.  As always, I chose gold:

Shante Mixeelabs Creator 3D Model

The Creator is still new, so I’m looking forward to the possibility of new shapes and styles with which to print my Bearded Dragon’s name and phone number.  Maybe we’ll see some tags that take the form of Mueller’s other 3D printed work, like a cool bug or a skull! Until then, look! A cute doggy with a 3D printed dog tag!

DogTag MixeeLabs 3D Printed DogTag MixeeLabs 3D Printed DogTag MixeeLabs 3D Printed

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