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3D Printed Cities

Fabillo is a polished based organization with a creative team dedicated to expanding the usage of 3D printed products. Having worked in the 3DP sector since 2007, the team’s research on a range of its own building materials has seen them manufacture stadium replicas, serial advertising models and many other custom 3D printed miniatures for clients.

However, now Fabillo is offering this capability to a much wider audience — specifically anyone — with an Indiegogo campaign. Using their experience they are offering 3D printed replicas of cities (or more typically, parts thereof). For a specified amount (from $5-800) backers of the campaign can pledge for a 3D digital model for 3D printing on a personal 3D printer, right up to a large colour 3D printed model.

The ultimate goal of the campaign is “to give YOU the opportunity to 3D print the models of the world’s greatest cities and create your unique collection. Any design we create, will be available to download and prepared for 3D printing on your 3D printer.”

The first project of the series “3D printed cities” is a tribute to, what the team believes is the greatest city of the world – New York. But is will not be the entirety of New York, rather it will be the outlined area of the Manhattan Island as illustrated in the image. Still, pretty impressive.

3d printed cities

Projected delivery times are at two months. And other cities planned for the 3D Printed Cities series include London, Tokyo, Berlin, Moscow, Dubai, Singapore, Sydney, Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro.

It’s still early days on the project, but take at look at the campaign and let us know what you think.

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