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Get Custom 3D Printed Characters from Cut The Rope & other Mobile Games with Toyze App

A new mobile app called Toyze will allow mobile gamers to create custom figures of their favourite mobile games using 3D printing. The popular game Cut the Rope is their first licensed property, with a promise of many more to follow.

The app allows you to select from a list of licensed mobile game characters and using the in-app 3D image editor you can pick a pose, and use the touchscreen to move its limbs into any position that you choose. What’s more, you can also select from a large selection of accessories like hats, facial hair and sunglasses to adorn your character. The 3D editor offers a robust 3D view of the your creation so you can see it from all angles while you’re designing it. The app even allows you to save your creation into a personal gallery or share it with your friends via Facebook.

toyze 3d printing games app

Once you’ve designed your character you can get it 3D printed and shipped directly to you from Materialise. You simply need to select the size of the figure that you want, the type of material that you’d like it printed in and enter your shipping information. Because it’s being made by Materialise, you can get prints delivered to you just about anywhere.

toyze 3d printing cut the rope yay

Currently Cut The Rope is the only game available on the app, but considering that the game developer ZeptoLab was so impressed with Toyze that they invested in it, it is likely that many more licensed game characters will follow.

“We’ve partnered with Toyze because they have the most cutting-edge technology and an easy-to-use app where your favourite game characters can be customized and ordered to be 3D-printed and delivered to your doorstep — on demand, from a game, straight from your mobile device,” said Zeptolab CEO Misha Lyalin “We invested, because just like ZeptoLab, many game developers will find that partnering with Toyze is a great way to provide brand extension and one more revenue stream.”

toyze 3d printing cut the rope hands

The Lithuanian startup is not the first to offer a 3D printing service for video games. FigurePrints allows you to create custom prints of your World of Warcraft characters of Minecraft creations, however Toyze seems to be aimed at a different market entirely. There are an estimated 200 million casual gamers online every month, and this app seems aimed directly at them. Casual games are defined as having simple game play, ideal for being played on a portable device and continuous play without time constraints or a need to save games. Toyze offers the same type of accessible, easy to use experience.

toyze 3d printing cut the rope diorama

The free app is currently available on Google Play for all Android phones and tablets, and will soon be available for iOS for all Apple devices. Take a look at Toyze’s promotional video: