3D Printing

3D Print Your Halloween and Save a Trip to the Store

Halloween is a-comin’ and death’s all around, so gather ye children for the terrors I’ve found! This Halloween is special because, this year, 3D printing has become so heavily adopted and the number of 3D models online has increased so much that you can now use 3D printing to create your very own costumes, decorations, party favours and more. Best of all, using 3D printing to prepare for the holidays can save you money and a trip to the store.

So, I’ve gone through the most extensive .stl database around and found some printable objects to make your neighbors go “Aggghhh!!!!”, your children go “Wahhhh!!!” and your bearded dragon go “…”! Take a look through the gallery below and see how 3D printing can add to your festivities this year. And if you feel as though we’ve left anything out, send us your links in the comments!

[nggallery id=110]